Danzilonan Parks Commission

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Danz-Park Commission
Map of DanzParks Oversight
IndustryNature & Geography
HeadquartersOld Town, Danzilona
Number of Locations2
Key Peoplelone22wolf (Head Ranger)
cnamav (Surveyor & Ranger)
Number of Employees5
  • DanzParks Rangers
  • DanzParks Surveyors
  • Nature Preservation
  • City Park Maintenance
  • Mapping & Surveying
Historical Data
Established in2014
Contact Data

The Danz-Park Commission (abbreviated as DPC, also colloquially known as DanzParks, sometimes called Danzilonan Parks Commission), is a is a non-profit private corporation with a semi-public nature, which maintains a parks and nature preservation service operating out of the Free Danzilona Republic. The commission is tasked with protecting, maintaining, and surveying Danzilona's vast landscape. DPC's current headquarters are based in Old Town, Danzilona, with a second base planned for New Swisston. Some notable parks that the DPC has range over include: the Great Melian Forest, the Oberon Hills, and the New Swisston Tundra. The DPC also maintains the section of the Silver Mountains that run through Danzilona.


Park Preservation & Park Rangers

Founded on Civcraft 2.0 September 23rd, 2014 by lone22wolf (Lone), the DPC was tasked with protecting New Danzilona's natural landscape and maintaining its public parks.[1] Ever since, that has been its goal: preservation, protection, and now, surveying.

The department is headed by a commissioner who is responsible for ensuring park maintenance and operations, Lone being the sole commissioner throughout DPC's history, as voted by the DanzPark share holders. Within DanzParks are many volunteer rangers who uphold the DPC's vision of preservation and protection.

On June 15th, 2022 Danzilonan government ratified the Lorax Act, which the tasked rangers with the protection of Danzilona's Great Oak & Spruce trees from illegal logging.[2]

Survey Division

Headed by cnamav, the DanzParks Survey Division outsources surveying and mapping to nations and factions within CivMC. Some notable domestic mapping projects include the official maps of Danzilona, New Swisston, and the Eastern Shining Isles. The DPC's first international mapping project has been the mapping of CivMC's rail systems.


The DPC currently oversees and maintains:


Badge for the DPC Rangers
Badge for the DPC Surveyors