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Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
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First Civ ServerCivMC
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cnamav, either referred to as cna or mav, is a civwiki contributor and civcraft player. He first started playing civcraft in late June 2022, joining CivMC. cna has been known to create extensive maps and design logos or flags for companies and nations within civcraft, as well as some small builds within New Swisston.


cna began his civcraft career on CivMC June 30th, 2022[1], after an invite from IRL friend wingnut4096. From then on, he began to establish a home in Old Town, Danzilona. He began his life within Danzilona by exploring the world and helping dig the moat in the DanzShaft. Around August 2022, he joined lone22wolf in helping finish the Colonial Express, which when done, allowed Danzilonan citizens to easily access their territory, New Swisston. Cnamav then began settling in New Swisston, building large sweet berry and beet farms, as well as Swisston Station & viaduct system. The large farms allowed cnamav to begin exporting the goods to Lusitania and Yoahtl. Since then, cnamav has been helping create maps of the world transit systems, as well as help further the development of mainland Danzilona.



Throughout the beginning of cnamav's civ career, he has created a few maps. Starting with Danzilona's first official map, then another to include the Melian annexation. Along with that cna has also created maps for Danzilonan territories, the Eastern Shining Isles and New Swisston. He also created a map of Alenarith, and its bodies of water.

Logos & Flags

New Swisston Flag

In collaboration with wing, cnamav helped create the flag of  New Swisston.

Colonial Express

The ColEx logo was designed by cnamav.

Danzilona Parks Commission

Cna also designed the DPC Badges & Logos, seen below.

Badge for the DPC Rangers
Badge for the DPC Rangers