Vall Tawiga

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Coat of Arms
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main Residence Free Danzilonan Republic
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Russian
Previous Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassics
Iterations played on

VA_11HALL_A, also known as Vall Tawiga, often shortened to Vall. They are a vexillologist and a vexillographer that actively plays on Civ servers. They are often seen travelling, collecting various banners and brewing drinks.


CivClassics 2.0


Vall's first apartment in Caledonia, dated July 9, 2021

Vall first joined Civ by joining the nation of Caledonia on June 26, 2021 after being invited by InvertedMind.[1] After getting set up in a small apartment, Vall found a great interest in the flags of the world's nations and set about collecting as many as they could. They also personally redesigned Caledonia's flag to look more sleeker and with longer proportions, though it was never used.[2] When not collecting flags, Vall spent the rest of their time mining and digging for various infrastructure projects. Notably, Vall mined solely with iron picks until another citizen of Caledonia noticed their plight and gave them diamond picks from the diamond tool factory.


Vall joined Carson in mid July 2021 after being recruited by Lowtuff and got involved in rail digging. In Carson, Vall designed and lived in a small house, dug tunnels and laid rails to their home nation of Caledonia.[3] Vall also got mixed in with friend groups in the Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates as Lowtuff was a mutual of theirs, enjoying the politics and personalities they found there.


Mery Horde

After CivClassic 2.0 ended, Vall was a founding member of the Mery Horde, designing its flag and contributing ideas to the unique culture of the Mery. In accordance Vall is honored as "tawiga" among them.

After dwelling for a time in a traditional dirt encased stone brick bermed triangle shaped shelter, the first completed house in Merthyr, Vall set off to explore the map. Their adventures were cut short by the Mery's abandonment of Merthyr because of the server's inactivity. The Mery then moved onto Vintage Civ and founded the settlement of Hwillotati in January 2022.



Since Vall had never played Vintage Story before, most of their limited time spent on Vintage Civ involved getting to know the base mechanics of the game. Once Vall arrived at the Mery settlement, they mostly helped with animal husbandry. By the end of January, most of Hwillotati went inactive, including Vall.




Free Danzilonan Republic

Vall placed second in the 1st Danzilonan election[4] for Ambassador and was a founding member of the Socialist Party of Danzilona. They constructed a lighthouse on the Eastern Shining Isles and made those same isles a home for a great number of Mery people, which they continue to develop at the time of this writing.