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The Dominion of Piconesia, home to the smallest jungle biome on CivClassic

Akai was a fairly prosperous, and secretive nation located in central + + at 8360, 5870 on CivClassic 2.0. It was led by a user named fk_54. They held the islands of Akai, North Bruxis, and South Bruxis. They had two skybases for farming, and put city bastions on all of their land. Akai claimed the smallest jungle biome discovered on the map.[1] The location of this Jungle Biome has been lost to time. Akai's claims at different times bordered multiple nations, including the 3rd and 4th Republics of Georgia, the Kingdom of Vitelia, Maltovia, the CCCP, and the Republic of Asiro.[2] Around February of 2020, Akai became inactive, and sometime later it's lands were integrated into Monterrey. After CivClassics closed, a replica of a vanilla minecraft prismarine temple, among other weird underground tunnels and chests were found under the island of Akai by a player who was exploring the archived map which confused them.