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The Dominion of Piconesia, home to the smallest jungle biome on CivClassic

Akai was a nation on CivClassic 2.0. It was located in the central +,+ on the large island at 7370, 4920. They also held the smaller island at 8360, 5870 and the one to the south of it at 8440, 6420. Alongside this, they claimed the eastern half of the mesa island at 6490, 4900. Akai also claimed the smallest jungle discovered on the map, Piconesia which was located at (coords yet to be found).[1] They were led by fk_54, but had at least 3 other members.[2]

Akai is known to have existed since June of 2017,[3] but they did not publicly claim for the first time until July 15th, 2018.[4] Akai was a party to the so-called Entrana Conference of November 4th, 2018, which restated their ownership of two mushroom islands located at 8200, 7800 and 8500, 7800 respectively, and added a new claim to their largest nether island located at 8000, 8400[5] They later posted a map extending their claims on January 6th, 2019.[6] Akai was inconsistently attested to by various claims maps during different periods including: August-September of 2018, January-May and August of 2019, and finally March of 2020.[7] Sometime after February-March of 2020 the nation was integrated by Monterrey due to fk_54 becoming Inactive, however no transfer of namelayer groups occurred.


Akai was raided around June 25th, 2017 by 6 players.[8] Akai was also raided by a group that was falsely linked to Hjaltland around July of the same year.[9] At least 4 alts from the group are known to have raided Akai.[10] Around August of 2018, an Akainese farm was lightly raided by the raiders of the Rowan Stronghold.[11] Maltovia also made a post explaining their perspective of the Rowan Straits crisis, mentioning that they were unaware of the raid against a farm in Akai.[12]

Information about the territory

They had a farm skybase and a tree farm skybase, which was known to have been built sometime after July of 2018.[13] They also had a strange vault, and their claims were fully bastioned. There were long rail tunnels connecting most of the Akainese claims, however they largely went unexplored before the server ended. Akai at different times bordered various nations, including the 3rd and 4th Republics of Georgia, the Kingdom of Vitelia, Maltovia, the CCCP, and the Republic of Asiro. After the end of CivClassics, a user exploring the CivLegacy server found a flooded cavern under central Akai which contained an Ocean Monument, they also found several previously undiscovered underground tunnels containing various rooms and chests.


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