Risk Republic

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Risk Republic
FoundedJune 12th, 2018
AbolishedJuly 20th, 2018
Lord ProtectorN/A
LocationSoutheast sector of the world
MottoHey, this is way better than Roblox!
Succeeded by
The Thalassocracy

The Risk Republic was a Nation situated in the Southeast sector of the World.

Despite its young age, the Risk Republic was very organized. Official government and military buildings as well as outposts had been set up throughout its territory in order to ensure its control over its lands.

On June 14th, 2018, the Wheat Rebellion caused the overthrowing of the Lord Protector, causing the Republic to fall into anarchy. There has been no clear successor to lead the nation.

On July 16th, 2018, the Transitional Government was formed after the end of the Wheat Rebellion.

On July 20th, 2018, the Transitional Government abolished the Dictatorship & Established The Thalassocracy.


Founding and the Great Starvation (6/12/18 - 6/13/18)

On June 12th, 2018, the Risk Republic was founded under Lord Protector Maxpowerboy. Members of the Risk Universalis group who owned Minecraft were gathered up, and decided to start a nation in CivClassic. Many country names were tossed around, such as the Riskalite Republic, before finally settling on the Risk Republic. The first base, known as the Risk Cave, was built around X = 6500 Z = 4500. A constitution was etched into a cave wall with signs, but was later transcribed onto a Google Document.

Due to the extremely long distance away from Mount Augusta, the few members already at the base were nearly starving while founding member randomphoenix5 made the journey by boat to the new base. Once randomphoenix5 made the journey, he brought stacks of baked potatoes, which were donated to the other members of the nation. This would temporarily bring the nation out of starvation.

During the next few days, other players trying to journey to the base attempted to commit in-game suicide multiple times in hopes of spawning close to the base.

While this occurred, the Risk Republic encountered a nearby nation, named the Osenkirch. Some players were initially hostile (some of which were discovered to not even be affiliated with the Osenkirch) to the Risk Republic, which caused some players to be murdered during a supposed tour of the Osenkirch base, which turned out to be the base of an abandoned faction instead.

Exodus (6/13/18)

On the second day, nation members decided to explore to settle a new base. They eventually settled on an island around X = [REDACTED] Z = [REDACTED]. It was declared during this day that skybases were to be banned due to their "ugliness", ordered by Lord Protector Maxpowerboy.

The Wheat Rebellion (6/14/18)

According to Joshjosh432 the following morning, Lord Protector Maxpowerboy allegedly stole crops from his farm, which was reported from a jukebox snitch set up nearby. randomphoenix5 also reported missing crops from his farm as well, which may have been the Lord Protector's doing. This also could've resulted from a war that occurred the previous real-life night. Joshjosh432 would eventually lead a rebellion against Maxpowerboy for his benevolent attempt at protecting the nation, and acting as a dictator. Maxpowerboy would eventually commit in-game suicide by creating a tombstone for himself outside of the government building. there has been no clear successor to lead the nation.

The Transitional Period (7/16/18)

A month later Maxpowerboy would return to the Capital Honoratio to rebuild Risk with the few of its members that remain under the promises that the Nation would not be ruled by a Dictator again. The Government is currently undergoing a Transition.

The Thalassocracy (7/20/18)

The population of the Risk Republic officially Abolished the Republican Dictatorship on July 20th, 2018 & has been Succeeded by The Thalassocracy.


The Millitary after the Wheat Rebellion was just an Unorganized Millitia.


Republican Dictatorship

The Government was ruled by the Lord Protector, the Lord Protector had full-dictatorial powers over the State.

The Government also had a Senate which had people who were elected by the Citizenry, There was only one Senator in the lifetime of the Risk Republic.