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User:Falvyu I'd like to start a discussion - can you explain your justification for your addition of a Template:Neutrality warning on this page? I'd like to revert it, but I'd like your input. Consensus is important on a wiki, and in line with WP:CONSENSUS some explanation would be wonderful. Thank you for your time. Neutrality warning (talk) 13:56, 5 February 2020 (UTC)



I can understand your concern about this change and I will try to explain it.

The reason I believe the "Neutrality Warning" tag is appropriate is because it's clearly trying to paint the LSD in a very favorable way while doing on the opposite to "weepee nations".

> The Latvian Soccer Dogs are an alliance originally formed to help protect nations and individuals from larger, more predatory "weepee" nations who seek to control them.
> The goal of the LSD is to provide like-minded individuals a place where they will no longer have to be part of nations dedicated to repressing their freedom, and provide economic and defensive opportunities for its citizens.

These are the 2 sentences that made me add the tag. Calling these sentences "neutral" does not seem to be appropriate as the lexicon that is being used is similar to what you'd see in a Venezuelan propaganda outlet. I am not saying that the statements are false but the accusations in them are rather significant and would probably justify more explanations or simply give a source.

There are several articles on this wiki that talk about controversial events in a neutral manner: the First Siege of Sempiternal, Entente-Laconia War pages are 2 great examples of this. A large part of the content was written by the parties that were involved in these events. Yet, these paragraphs do try to stick to neutral tone.

I know that my position on this might come as biased from your perspective. I was indeed present at both the assault against Hotel California and during the chase/ambush (I have not been involved in the conflicts in Laconia though). However, I do try to stay away from my IG opinion when contributing to community projects such as the Political Maps or this wiki. I'm also open to debate and you can also solicit a third party (e.g: squareblob, specificlanguage or Gjum) to review my choice.

I would also like to point out that I don't really have any personal issue about the content itself. After all, this is a community driven wiki about a Political Minecraft server and having different points of view is probably one of the best part of it. That being said, I think that we should always assume that the reader is not familiar with the elements that are presented, hence the need for the "Neutrality Warning" tag.

-Falvyu (talk)