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"An experiment in social interaction and civilization, a total political sandbox for you to play in."[1]

What's Devoted?

Devoted is a series of servers with Civ plugins such as Citadel, ExilePearl or JukeAlert.


Devoted had three iterations.

Devoted 1.0

Devoted 1.0 started on October 17th 2015 and ended on January 9th 2016 (84 days) [2].

Devoted 2.0

Devoted 2.0 started on January 16th 2016 and ended on September 3rd 2016 (231 days) [2].

Devoted 3.0

Devoted 3.0 started on September 17th 2016 and ended on October 26th 2017 (404 days) [2].

Devoted: Hell

Devoted: Hell started on January 2021 and is still running as of 30 May [2].