Mount Augusta (CivMC)

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Mount Augusta
Mt. Augusta, MA, or MtA
Flag of Mt. Augusta on CivMC
Location3000, 2000
GovernmentUnitary democratic republic
Governing documentMount Augusta CivMC Constitution and Bill of Rights
• Mayor
Sakana-otoko (since 16 December 2023)
• Judges
Logic_Man (since 7 December 2022)
Mallace (since 29 December 22)
Scramble0 (since 5 March 2024)
Preceded by Mount Augusta
Mount September

Mount Augusta (also referred to as Mt. Augusta or MtA) is a city and nation on CivMC, centered around +3052, +2235, primarily situated on a low-lying plains biome. Re-established at the start of CivMC by former members of the Augustan Federation following the March 2020 collapse of Mount Augusta on CivClassic, Mount Augusta and its basic system of governance are over a decade old, and the nation has long been a hub of political and economic activity on the server.

Mount Augusta is bordered to the south by Doom City and Calw, to the northwest by Estalia, to the north by the Stony Sea, and to the east by its own Autonomous Region of Pripyat.


Governors of Mount Augusta
Portrait Username # Term Cupboard
Start Duration
ComradeNick I June 15, 2022 2 months
II August 15, 2022 2 months
wFangw III October 15, 2022 1 month,

28 days

Office abolished
Mayors of Mount Augusta
Portrait Username # Term Cupboard
Start Duration
wFangw III December 13, 2022

(Office established)

2 days
ComradeNick IV December 15, 2022 2 months
Previous flag of Mt. Augusta on CivMC prior to the 23rd of June 2022


The Augustan government is a democracy divided into a legislative, executive, and judicial branch.

Executive Branch

The head of the executive branch is the mayor of Mt. Augusta. The mayor's chief duty is to "act as the chief representative of Augusta internally and externally."[1] On top of being the chief diplomat, the mayor is also responsible for maintaining public works and military infrastructure. The mayor has the power to create Cupboard positions that he or she may delegate certain powers to. The current Cupboard positions are Cup of Culture, Cup of Defense, Cup of Labor, Cup of Diplomacy, and Cup of Cartography. The mayor may also appoint a ceremonial Deputy Mayor who is nominally part of the Cupboard. Mayor elections are held every two months.

Judicial Branch

The judicial branch is comprised of three judges elected to rotating terms of three months. Judges are responsible for overseeing and delivering verdicts in all trials as well as interpreting the Constitution and issuing Court Orders. Trials are held asynchronously over Discord and are decided by a single judge. A party in a trial may choose to appeal to a court of all three judges if they believe the trial was mismanaged. The law code of Mt. Augusta is based off the Serious Infractions and the Necessities for Sentencing (SINS) Act enacted by the legislature.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is the most powerful branch of Mt. Augusta and is comprised of all registered voters. Any person may become a registered voter in Mt. Augusta by owning or renting land within Augustan borders and taking a picture in front of the voter tree. Any registered voter may propose bills that may be enacted with a simple majority vote by the legislature, provided the bill does not conflict with the Constitution. Constitutional amendments require a 3/5ths supermajority vote to be enacted, and declarations of war and alliance propositions require a 2/3rds supermajority. The legislature may also recall judges, mayors, and cupboard members with a simple majority vote.