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Known AltsbobbyC105
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Was involved with Nudist Beach and with the founding of the Holy Jaded Empire, briefly pearled Lodish in the build up to the Somber War while on the secret alt bobbyC105 during constant raids on the Commonwealth. Was in the PVP group The Meme Team on Civcraft 2.0 with Thoths_Librarian. Impulca was a leader during the ISIS-Shadup Gahar War on the side of The Islamic Sultanate. Killed StateApparatus leading to the conflict between early MTA and Tierra de Conciencia.

Since I'm writing this myself, expect some bias, but I'll do my best to stay unbiased.

Through out my play time on this server, I've always kinda been on the side of the criminals. I've attempted working with World Police or the good guys, but nothing ever works out.

I've always been into cool PvP, and raiding when the opportunity is present. Back in 1.0, I raided constantly, and more chaotically than I do nowadays. 2.0 has been... interesting, with the events/people I've run into.

— impulca