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The Chic-Fil-A Crisis was a month-long internal and international property dispute in Icenia in August-September of 2019 involving the "Jewish Quarter", and individual members of the LSD (Laconia, Adina, and New Sovia) following the Icenian victory in the New Sovia-Icenia War (the Clown Wars). Contrary to popular belief, LSD as an organization was not interested in this event and leaks show that they explicitly wished to stay out of it.[1] However, the leader of LSD, ashnwill, gave the Chick-Fil-A crew some diamond-reinforced obsidian so that they could further reinforce the building against grief.


In late July of 2019, Icenia had undergone a massive shift in tactics for international diplomacy, choosing to help create the UDF with Bloom and Imperial Truidence out of the ashes of the UNC and work at repairing damaged relations with SATO nations. This resulted in a distinct lack of relevancy for the JQ in Icenia. Also lowering the relevancy of the JQ was the passing of the "Icenian Fair and Free Elections Bill", which outlawed patronage and voter-fraud via monetary gifts. This bill would be shortly after its passing used against JQ member Cr0c0dile, after it was found he promised individuals in Icenia "20 diamonds each" for pledging their vote for him in the upcoming elections, causing him to be removed by the Icenian Justice System from the race. The JQ in response to this, and the formation of the UDF, decided to stage anti-Bloomian protests and attempted to sway the newly chartered West Isle to their side, which they managed to do somewhat successfully.

Creation of the Chic-fil-a

The inner-circle Icenians in the August elections would go on to run uncontested, with no candidates from the anti-UDF "Icenia First Party" making a ballot appearance. However, the JQ refused to let the mandate of the election stop them from continuing to act in Icenia. On August 13th, 2019, during the Mount Augustan Olympics, Cr0c0dile first suggested via the Icenian discord to "after the olympics make a full scale chic-fil-a with slides". Shortly after this, the JQ found a plot near Spaceneedle I, the main skybunker in Icenia City, and built the Chic-Fil-A overlapping both an access road to the bottom of the pit for the Spaceneedle and the covered hole of the Spaceneedle itself.

Reaction from the government was immediately angry. Previously Figasaur had built a wall on the Western portion of the Spaceneedle, blocking access from downtown Icenia, and now the Eastern half of the skybunker was inaccessible. A request was made by the government to tear the building down and move it, however this went unheeded, and the JQ, sensing blood in the water, iron reinforced the entire structure. Rhetoric in the discord was heated and long. President ChrisChrispie was accused of being an alcoholic and the rest of the government was consistently insulted by the JQ. The Chic-Fil-A Crisis had begun.

First and Second Court Cases

It was finally decided within the Icenian Government that the best option at hand was to take Fig and Croc to court over what they deemed was an "illegal build". The first court case was Icenian Department of Defense v Figasaur & Crocodile and was to be decided by then Grand Judge of Icenia, Quanton_Biscut. After a lengthy trial process conducted over Discord, Quanton ruled that the Chic-Fil-A had to be completely removed. Fig and Croc contested this and, after protest from some members of West Isle that Quanton was biased against Fig during the process due to previous comments, relatively new Judge and Icenian, Anvil, was given the job to take the case. It was then ruled that the Chic-Fil-A had to be demolished in such a way that it was no longer impeding the ability of Milita members to reach the Skybunker and it could no longer overhang the Skybunker hole. This ruling was accepted by the defendants, but in no way, shape, or form, was the crisis over yet.

Handing Ownership off to Iakwai

The Chic-Fil-A stood unchanged to the specifications required in the court ruling for nearly a month before Icenian Government officials decided that the time was ripe to tear the entire structure down due to Fig's inability to abide by the ruling against him. The result of this was Fig handing ownership of the Chic-Fil-A over to ex-Icenian, New Sovian, and future LSD member, Iakwai. Iakwai would go on to grief the building with Anti-ChrisChrisChrispie and Icenian government messages, build a wall around the structure, and expand its basement near the entrance of the Skybunker bottom. Iakwai would, however, get the Chic-Fil-A to Court specified standards, but would make the structure an intentional eyesore in the process of doing so, going as far as to create a LGBTQ rainbow swastika on the roof and in the court case involving it, claim that it was a "symbol of peace". During this time, New Sovia had also joined the LSD, a group that was seen as explicitly anti-Icenian. As evidence started to be leaked to Icenian officials that was interpreted as the LSD planning on "rioting in Icenia" if the structure was torn down, the nation opted not to push the Chic-Fil-A issue any further, but eventually that opinion was thrown out when it became clear that the LSD had also pledged support to a potential bloodless West Islean independence. Around this time ChrisChrispie was sued for breaking blocks and attempting to destroy the Chic-Fil-A in rage, and was successfully sued in court and had a restraining order put on him from stepping foot on the property of the building. However, time was running out for the Chic-Fil-A, and after the JQ left Icenia in rage due to Fig's pearling, and the LSD had their only vault, Hotel California, destroyed, the Chic-Fil-A was demolished over the course of a week without objection by the Republic of Icenia ending the national tragedy that was the Chic-Fil-A.

The Plot Today

Today the plot of the former Chic-Fil-A is intentionally greifed with obsidian by the Icenian Government to prevent any future builds on the plot. This was done shortly after an attempt by Caledonian's to build a Popeyes on the plot, which would also be a formulaic incident for Icenia's greatest period of inactivity due to the unwillingness of many members of the government to continue having to deal with fast food restaurants being built in the town. There is no tentative plan for the plot, though Gensokyo has expressed interest in building an embassy upon it. However, as of 3/9/20 the plot is owned by the Chungus Corporation, headed by Enforcer15, for plans for the Chungus Corp Hotel.


  1. Chat logs showing iakwai's individual interest, and the lack thereof from LSD.