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The Zoomers
• Notable Members

The Zoomers are a CivCraft Ethnic Group, most often used to refer to a group of players from a shared Discord server that rose to prominence in the later stages of the Infinity War. Most of them originated as a group from Geographica and other geo-pols. It is often difficult to discern who is a member of this group, as the word "zoomer" is often used as an insult to describe particularly young players; however, the Zoomers are also a relatively cohesive group who often play together across servers and even genres. They are known for their PvP competence, which initially brought them attention, and reputation for toxic behavior, including supposed rampant use of slurs and accusations of doxxing, which has led to some being banned on some Civ servers.


CivClassic was the server in which they first played as a significant group, although some, including Yellofishy, predate this. They at first fought for the World Police side during the attack of Pinkerton[1][2]. They would eventually switch sides to NATO, with which they stayed until the end of the war. They defended both Hallow[3] and Best Western[4], and had their own vault, the Litterbox, under construction. Some of them were permanently pearled by the World Police, others were banned, and a few of them played as part of unrelated nations.

Litter box, Zoomer vault on CivClassic 2.0.

They were also a presence on CivRev and CivUniverse, both as an individual group, referred to as "the Zoomers", and members of other nations, including Sovia (CivRev), Fortuna, and Elysium.