Lambat (CivRev)

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State of Lambat
Coat of Arms
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityNew Lambat City
SettlementsNew Lambat City
TerritoriesCape of Good Hope
• Captain Regent
• Deputy Regent
• Chief Development Officer
Foundation date
  • December 9, 2021
Preceded byCivRev:


LanguageEnglish, Filipino, Portuguese, German
ReligionNone (secular)
MottoSipag at Tiyaga

The State of Lambat or Lambat was a nation located in the northeast (+,-) quadrant of the CivRev server. It was an unofficial successor to the Republic of Lambat from CivClassics until a permanent server has been chosen in a referendum. Lambat is a diarchic state led by Captain Regent Kaprediem and Deputy Regent Banyough. It is succeeded by Lambat in CivMC.


Settlement and growth (December 9 - 31, 2021)

Kaprediem travelled from New Narra to the +,- quadrant in search of the 7000 -1500 coordinates, hoping to find a plains biome similar to the original Lambat from CivClassic 2.0. Upon reaching his destination, the area was a temperate forest surrounded by cold mountains and sparse grassland. He was urged by Lambatans who've joined CivRev to resettle near the Medi Sea. Within the week, Kaprediem and other Lambatans including Banyough, Creepi0n, and MaybeGravy founded New Lambat City in the Cape of Good Hope. Lambat developed warm relations with neighbors including the Mery Horde and the Principality of Thrain, among others. The nation had a decent amount of activity for three months, mostly focusing on building New Lambat City and XP infrastructure.

Indefinite hiatus (January 1 2022 - end of server)

Shortly after New Year's Day, activity in Lambat ground to halt as a reaction to server controversies. Some Lambatans occasionally logged in.


Government functions were vested in the Lambatan diarchy. Foreign affairs were handled by the Captain Regent, who served as the Head of Government, while the Deputy Regent fulfilled interior and security matters. Citizens were also consulted by the Captain Regent in decision making. The Chief Development Officer is tasked with urban planning and zoning regulations.

Comparison of CivClassic's Lambat and CivRev's Lambat

CivClassic 2.0 CivRev
Name Republic of Lambat State of Lambat
Form of Government Unitary Presidential Republic Diarchy
Head of State President Captain Regent and Deputy Regent
Head of Government
Citizenship Open By invitation only

Foreign relations

Second Coat of Arms of Lambat in CivRev

The nation retained its policy of non-intervention in foreign affairs. Lambat maintains a close friendship with longtime ally Lusitania.

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