2021 November Lambat general elections

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The 2021 November Lambat general elections were held on the 21st of November. Several positions were up for election, from the President of Lambat down to the local government of Lambat City.

Lambat's ruling party Citizens' Action Party (CAP) secured a comfortable majority in the National Assembly. In the presidential race, Kaprediem and AK (OperationguyMCS) of CAP won against CommradePotatoe and Hills4Real (LAP). Yodabird19 and Helleonov were reelected as judges, while 4pocalypse4risen was elected both as judge and Mayor of Lambat City.

The elections yielded the highest turnout in Lambat's history, so far, with 35 citizens participating in the Presidential elections, accounting to 52.17% of the nation's total population of 69 (as per November 21).



For president

The incumbent President, ArtificialDriver (CAP), is not running for a second term.

  • CommradePotatoe (LAP) - Vice President of Lambat, Secretary of State, and High Commissioner of Vesteria. Also former Chief Justice from May to August 2021.
  • Kaprediem (CAP) - Former President of Lambat from January to August 2021. Inaugural Mayor of Lambat City from May to July 2021.

For vice president

  • AK (CAP), also known as OperationguyMCS - Founder of Kapreborough and former Prime Minister of Capeland until August 2021.
  • Hills4Real (LAP) - Former Mayor of Lambat from July to September 2021.


For judge

  • Yodabird19 - Incumbent Chief Justice
  • 4pocalypse4risen - Governor of Greater Durkwood
  • Kiwi - Incumbent judge
  • Hellonov - Incumbent judge and Secretary of Commerce

Legislative (National Assembly)

The first election for the National Assembly will be held during the general elections. Five (5) seats are up for election.

  • Creepi0n (CAP)
  • IceCarim (CAP)
  • Kloudei (CAP)
  • Eirik (independent)

Aside from the elections, Governor 4pocalypse4risen appointed AppleRadiation as Greater Duskwood's representative to the National Assembly. The High Commissioner of Vesteria has yet to announce its manner of selecting its representative.


For Lambat City mayor

  • 4pocalypse4risen (CAP)
  • Hills4Real (LAP)

For Lambat City councilor

  • Creepi0n (CAP)
  • Iceboy_Board (LAP)
  • Kaprediem (CAP)
  • Nebula (LAP)



Rank Candidate Party First Round Second Round Total %
1 Kaprediem


CAP 22 3 25 65.79
2 CommradePotatoe


LAP 13 13 34.21
Total votes 35 100
Turnout 52.17%

National Assembly

Tally of votes

Rank Candidate Party Votes %
1 Creepi0n CAP 10 31.26
2 ArtificialDriver CAP 6 18.75
3 IceCarim CAP 6 18.75
4 Eirik Independent 5 15.62
5 Kloudei CAP 5 15.62

Per Party

Party Symbol Votes % Seats
Citizens' Action Party
27 84.34 4
Independent 5 15.62 1
Total 32 100% 5

Mayor of Lambat City

Rank Candidate Party Votes %

Lambat City Council

Rank Candidate Party Votes %

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