Lambat City (CivClassic 2.0)

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City of Lambat
Part of Lambat
Famous forCapital of Lambat
Server IterationCivClassic
Coordinates6893, -1461
Architectural StyleMixture of Filipino and European
GovernmentDemocratically-Elected Mayor-Council
Foundation Date13 January 2021 (settled)
29 April 2021 (incorporated)

Lambat City or the City of Lambat, often simply referred to as Lambat, was the capital and most populated city in Lambat. It was established in January 13, 2021 by Banyough and Kaprediem, and later incorporated in April 29 of the same year. [1]The city was located in the southern tip of the continent of Nuevo Luzon.

For the city in CivMC and Lambat City's successor, see Lambat (CivMC).


The city originated as a tiny settlement built on January 13, 2021. Although Kaprediem is regarded as the founder of Lambat as a nation, it was Banyough who laid the city's foundations, through the construction of the Office Cabin, now called the Executive Palace. Lambat Settlement grew at a slow pace, until the arrival of Shanaaro, who built the first factory in West County. From hereon, the settlement was called Lambat City.


City of Lambat as of November 2021


The city is divided into seven districts

  • Lambat de Viejo (formerly Lambat Settlement, then West County) - A residential area that is also the first settlement in Lambat City.
  • Poblacion (formerly Central County) - Downtown area.
  • Silangan (formerly East County) - A cultural and diplomatic center that is currently being developed.
  • Port Grestin - A port that predates Lambat. Originally established by Arstotzka.
  • Nuevo Kabanuan - Another portion of Arstotzka integrated into Lambat.
  • Bukiran - A rugged landscape being converted into farmland.
  • Lakeside Hills - A huge, undeveloped hillscape on the western coast of Lake Ewell.

In addition to these districts are a few unofficial subdivisions:

  • Vigan - A non-chartered build-oriented district managed by KurtTheFruit and F_aint. Its architecture is based on the real-life city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines.
  • Foytic Tabmal - A subterranean settlement and mining facility north of Poblacion district.

Government and politics

List of Mayors

Mayor Start of term End of term Party
Kaprediem I 8 May 21 8 July 21 CAP
Hills4Real II 8 July 21 20 Sep 21 LTP
Creepi0n III 20 Sep 21 21 Nov 21 CAP
4pocalypse4risen IV 21 Nov 21 16 Jan 221 CAP

1De jure end of term. The server closed on the 18th of December and as such, all government positions in Lambat are inactive.

Society and culture