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Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsCivMC
Known Forformer Minister of Art and Culture in Lambat
former Lady of Mersea, Lusitania
Interior Designer Kloudei (IDK)
Main ResidenceKloudei's Casa, Lambat
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Tagalog
Former CitizenshipsCivClassic
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played on

Kloudei also known as Kloud is one of the first citizens settling in Lambat back in April, and was also appointed as Minister of Art and Culture for a few months. Several months later, she also became a citizen in Lusitania and became the former Lady of Mersea county in Lusitania in CivClassics 2.0.



Kloudei only originally played Minecraft Bedrock (Pocket Edition) with Banyough in their world named Jankalang months before Java got introduced to her when Banyough had gotten a copy of the game. Months have passed, Kloudei was able to purchase a Minecraft account in the 9th of April 2021 in which the account Kloudei was created. Kapre, while assisting with the payment on his computer, had Kloudei behind him under Nerf gunpoint by Banyough forcing her to purchase an account to be able to enjoy playing Minecraft with her both in a vanilla world, and in CivClassics 2.0.


Kloudei joined CivClassics the same day her account was purchased, but she was not yet as active. She is known to be best at interior design which she would enjoy doing for empty builds both in Lambat and Lusitania back in CivClassics 2.0. Due to real life activities, Kloudei was unable to be regularly active in the server. However, she attended CivClassics’ EOTW in December 18, 2020 as a last goodbye to the server’s ending.

Lady of Mersea in Lusitania

In August 1, 2021, Kloudei was appointed as the Lady of Mersea[1] by Metriximor giving her power to manage the county just east from Portucale. However due to inactivity, she was unable to work on projects proposed for Mersea. In November 10, 2021, she announced her resignation as Lady of Mersea due to Lambat's updated constitution which forbade government officials in the nation to have foreign political positions.[2]


Kloudei first joined the server in 17:34 at the 7th of June, 2022[3]. Spawing at the negative-negative quadrant, Kloudei faced the challenge having to head to Lusitania, which was thousands of blocks away from her. After hours of traveling, she died loosing her spawn book and her other items and spawning again in the same quadrant. After attempting for a several randomspawn hoping to get closer to Lusitania’s coords, she was kicked out of the server resulting to her going back to the queue’s void which resulted in her having to take a break from the hours-long failure of settling in Lusitania. However, after three days, she joined once again in attempt to head to Lusitania which was not easy considering the distance. After sailing for a while, Banyough decided to meet her halfway and was able to meet near Estalian waters and Banyough was able to deliver terracotta to Pavia, and head to Lambat to set Kloudei’s spawn in Banyough and Metriximor’s house. Right after their long travel, they sailed to Lusitania and finally arrived with Kloudei safe and with her spawn finally set in Lusitania.


  • On the first of August of 2021, she was nominated Lady of Mersea in Lusitania by King Metriximor.
A low-angle shot of the Lambat pond built by her.
Lambat Pond by Kloudei in CivClassics 2.0


Kloudei has mostly built a lot of public infrastructure for Lambat, including the public warehouse that sits right on the main square of Lambat, as well as the pond in front of the Lambat Executive Palace.