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The flag of of New September is a combination of the designs from the flags of Mount September and Chungia.
Flag of New September

New September is a Lambatan district located northeast of Pioneer Village. The district was officially founded in January of 2023.

New September was an ideology that began in Lambat, after a vote was held to name the region to the northeast of Pioneer Village in October of 2022. The country's minister of commerce, SamBonusG, suggested the name of New September, as a tribute to the country of Mount September from a previous server. Lambat had had close ties with Mount September, and SamBonusG had personal roots there, being that it was the first country to accept him after he had left a bad first impression on a few countries due to his infamous "architectural terrorism."

The vote was close, but the name of New September lost to the name of Progreso. And so for four months, the area was known as Progreso. Then the country plunged into roleplay chaos during the January 2023 Lambatan coup d'état. Members of the New September Coalition decided to use the confusion to their advantage. Coalition members Magnileve and Orhint utilized their power over the province of Capeland (also known as Chungia to some) to leverage President-in-exile Kaprediem with threats of secession should Progreso not be renamed to New September. Kaprediem immediately agreed, and SamBonusG and Magnileve erected a tall flagpole waving the new flag of New September in the air.

The flag is a combination of the old flags of Mount September and Chungia.

Today, the district has a beautiful skyline thanks to it being the only part of Lambat without a height limit law on it's building infrastructure. It contains many references to buildings from the CivClassic 2.0 iteration, such as the "Voter Tree" and Lazuli Tower 2.0 (references to structures from Mount September) and a 4G Tower (an upgrade to Lambat's 3G Tower in Classics). Other buildings include a rail station connected to the LRT, a bank that functions as an iron-diamond exchange, and a massive, beautiful theater that was constructed by AKJanklin.

SamBonusG and Magnileve hoist the first flag of New September proudly into the air.