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Northern Land
Flag of Djanihweh
Flag of Djaniwheh
Flag of Djanihweh
Alternative flag used during times of emergency
Demonymmehri, Mery
Alliance Lyrean Community
Preceded by Hwillotati
Languagemehrileh, English
National anthem"Young, Strong, and Healthy" by Big Otto Wanz
djani'hweh[1] (/dʒaniʍɛ/, lit. "northern land" in mehrileh), alternatively djaniweh (/dʒaniwɛ/), refers to the independent Mery territory bordering the Lyrean Sea and, land-wise, Pavia, Lambat, and the Imperial Federation. It is the main settlement of the Mery people on CivMC.

The nation is of anarchist inspiration, governed by the principle of rhayara ("mutual aid" in mehrileh) and follow the set of religious beliefs known as rha'yatshola, in which the Sun is an important figure engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship with the entirety of humanity and through which gambling and horse-racing is common.

djani'hweh constitutes the most recent independent settlement of the Mery people, having existed on CivRev as well as Vintage Civ, though they maintain a presence within some other nations such as in Cortesia Del Mar, Pavia, and Danzilona.


Initial Developments

While wanting to coordinate with nations such as Mount Augusta and Danzilona to settle near a body of water that would be named the Medi sea, the initial Mery settlers would not be quick enough to decide where to start a village, as after only a few days almost the entire Medi region and in fact the +,+ quadrant was claimed over by a multitude of nations.[2]

After refusing an offer from the Free Danzilonan Republic that would grant the Mery large autonomy within the republic due to wanting an independent settlement, the settlers travelled north and settled in the -,+ quadrant, just to the east of Pavia.[3]

The settlement was raided by unknown assailers who destroyed chests, the snitch surveilling the area, and placed a stone-reinforced depilate structure as a form of grief. However, with the town being in its very early stages, the lost wealth could relatively easily be recovered.

The first recorded sacrifice to Tshola occurred on June 5th 2022, when FermentedAmanda sacrificed her original stone tools into a newly constructed fire, now known as "thi ladjo tiltig" (en: the first fire).[4][3]

Over the next few days, basic buildings would appear, such as a storage room, a factory room and a small bunker.[5]

On the 12th of June, Merkuis arrived in djani'hweh and settled east of the main town, having acquired permission to build a yurt and gather materials in preparation for the brewery plugin.[6] Merkuis continually gave small gifts such as lapis, gold and redstone to the other Mery, and made farms and apiaries that did not alter the landscape.

The first human sacrifice to Tshola took place on the same day, with the pearl of player Nivlac13 who had continuously placed dirt in Mery land, annoying the inhabitants to pearl the player.[7][6] After the pearl was burned, and subsequently Nivlac13 released, the player committed the same offense.

Border dispute with the Collective

Border disputes marred the early days of the settlement's existence for a few days after June 6th, concerning a piece of jungle to the south of the main town on which a small sugar cane farm had been built, as well as a rail station, built by smal, forming the beginnings of what would later become the Copper Line. Originally, the jungle area was not claimed by The Collective, who recognized that there was no overlap of claims between the Mery people and The Collective. However, a day later, the nation posted new borders on reddit which included the now disputed area.[8][5]

After unsuccessfully trying to contact The Collective about the issue, it was discovered that the jungle area in question had been sold to Cortesia Del Mar, who sought the relatively rare jungle biome in order to grow certain crops. Knowledge of the fact the jungle was being used by the Mery prompted the Cortesians to work things out through a group chat hosting representatives from djani'hweh, CdM, The Collective and Lambat (to confirm that there was no border dispute between djani'hweh and Lambat), which ultimately ended in The Collective ceding the jungle area and CdM giving up the claim, having acquired a different jungle plot of land.[5]

Djani'hweh's Summer Peak

Hand drawn map of djani'hweh about 1 month after CivMC's launch, during the Mery summer peak. Made by FermentedAmanda

djani'hweh co-founded the Lyrean Community on the 14th of June with Pavia, Griffin, Lambat, Moloka and Letos[9] by signing the Lyrean Charter[10], and FermentedAmanda was elected as "lato mehriteht takrhashil liyira" (en: Mouth of the Mery to the Lyrean Sea) "lato liyirashil" (en: Mouth to Lyrea)[11], allowing her to vote in the Lyrean Council.

The first human sacrifice in a temple occurred on June 15th, when the willing pearl of SandFalls was burnt in thi rha'yagul tiltig (en: the First Temple)[12].

On the same day, RedDevel, after having finished his term as the first governor of Mount Augusta, sought permission to build a large personal build in the north of djani'hweh that would be known as Develhof or dehvehlhof. A massive castle build soon adorned the white cliffs of the north of the nation.

Around this time, the Copper Line is in full development, with a connection to Mount Augusta being close to finished, while the main town of djani'hweh as well as the north thanks to RedDevel, the east thanks to Merkuis and the south thanks to smal continue to develop, and treaties are formalized with nations such as Danzilona and Cortesia Del Mar guaranteeing a Mery presence in the Medi Sea region.[13][14] Additionally, Pythius undertakes a dredging project to fill the dry river separating what is now Za State and Lambat, which finishes more than a month later on July 20th[15], allowing for easier boat travel to Lambat, without having to sail around the Collective.

On June 29th, djani'hweh entered into the Lyrean Border Security Association with Pavia[16][17], marking the first association created in the Lyrean Community, and would enter in the second created association, the Lyrean Infrastructure Association, almost a month later on July 23rd.[18] It was also around this time, on July 20th, that Amanda also released a two-part series on the early history of the Mery on CivMC.[19] The Mery also remained fairly active throughout August 2022 with at least 10 active players according to More homes were built and more farms were constructed on the outer regions of djani'hweh in some of its less populated biomes, such as a spruce farm and jungle tree farm.

Late Summer Decline and First Mery Revival

By the time September 2022 rolled around, Mery activity in djani'hweh sharply declined. The population dropped from 10 active players to just 4 Mery logging in for at least an hour over the course of the entire month. This was the result of some Mery going inactive at the start of the school season and others flocking to Danzilona in the wake of Mery person Des23's victory in the September 2022 Danzilonan general election, in which she secured almost all of the Mery votes.[20] As such, little development of djani'hweh occurred and diplomacy stagnated.

Activity in djani'hweh began to pick back up in October 2022, the month in which what some Mery have called the First Mery Revival took place. During this month, numerous significant events involving the Mery took place. Smal returned to continue her work on OneDest, which involved adding its stops to the unofficial interactive CivMC map.[21] djani'hweh also gained a sleuth of territory after its neighbour The Collective went permanently inactive and its claims were divided between the Mery and Lambat.[22] After the annexation, djani'hweh became the 54th largest nation on the server by land area.[23] In late October and early November, Pythius returned to build a hockey rink and joint rail and road with Pavia.

Second Decline and Winter Renaissance

Port O' Mery, completed by FermentedAmanda in January 2023

The activity brought about by the First Mery Revival was not long for this world, however. Many Mery once again went inactive, and Red_Steel was re-elected as Defence Minister of Danzilona for the month of November which drove her attention away from djani'hweh.[24] By the end of November, the Mery failed to have, on average, at least one person online at any given hour.[25]

Luck would strike djani'hweh as activity once again picked up after the start of winter. FermentedAmanda came back during her winter break and finally finished Port O' Mery, which was planned to be the city's main attraction since the summer of 2022.[26] In the wake of the failed 2023 Danzilonan coup d'état attempt which involved Mery people, those Mery who had previously been dedicated their time to Danzilona-Red_Steel, SandFalls, and Des23- abandoned Danzilona altogether and returned to Mery territories, among other nations.

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