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VilyanZ's Skin(02/02/2023)
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForNord Co. and Being Norwegian
Main ResidenceAltepetl in Yoahtl, Pavia City in Pavia and L-City in Lambat and Imperia in Imperial Federation
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish, Norwegian, very little German
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0 (Joined 16th of July 2021)
Iterations played on

VilyanZ (variously pronounced /vil.jans/, /vil.yanz/, /vil.yans/,/ˈvɪlj(ə)ns/ or /vil.yanze/. The correct way is /vil.jans/), affectionally known as Silly Villy by King_cupar is a civ player which started playing in the last year of Civclassics 2.0. VilyanZ joined on the 14 of july right outside New Yoahtl City in Yoahtl and has stayed with Yoahtl every since. VilyanZ found Civclassic after searching after an anarchy server to play on during the summer of 2021. When the server was over he had to focus on school and didnt play until november when he joined Yoahtl's Vc after being offline for 4 months and played til January when the Admins sayd that the server will be closing down later that year(2022).

VilyanZ became interested in Civ again when he heard about the new server that is Civmc. He has played Civmc since the 11th of June 2023

Nord Co.

Nord Co. is a "Company" that was founded in the start of Civmc about 1 month after the server started and was called VilyanZ Co. The Name changed because MeEatFod and EvenTv1(2 of VilyanZ's Friends) joined and helped with the starting of Now Nord Co. Then shortly left Civmc because of boredom. VilyanZ then expanded Nord Co and now Nord Co has 5 Locations around Civmc in Pavia, Lambat, Yoahtl(First location), Mt.A and Truidencia. Nord Co. Sells wood, stone, terrecotta, wool, food and various other products on the 4 locations. The Nord Co. Logo was inpiered by the Yoahtl Sun and got the colour of VilyanZ favourite colour.

VilyanZ got 2 of his Citizenships(Pavia and Lambat) from having to buy shop plots for Nord Co.

NWD(New Worlders Department store) is the Nord Co. of Civclassic 2.0 and sold wood, stone and food. NWD was called Newed at first but dropped the E's since Newed didnt mean anything.

VilyanZ in Civclassic 2.0

In CivClassics VilyanZ Joined right beside New Yoahtl City (NYC) on a cliff over looking the City. After that VilyanZ went down the cliff after getting 4 logs from the tree beside him. Then Gdan(Now Solitaire7) talked in Local chat and asked if VilyanZ wanted to join Yoahtl, Which he did. He later got an apartment in a Reasently compleated Sandstone "tower" where he lived until he built his building right over on the other side of the same street.

after a week he got greedy and mined his way down trough the floor and took over a smaller apartment and called it his own After that he made him self a basement out of some ruins under the Sandstone tower.

VilyanZ joined Kobylinski with MechanicalRift to revive the town and they where semi sucsessful and got 3 people to move/join Kobylinski and developed it quite alot. He got to name a street for VilyanZ Street after he sett up his 2nd NWD in Koby(shortened name for Kobylinski) and built apartments inside a cliffside that he sadly didnt finnish before the server closed.

VilyanZ in Civmc

(coming soon)