You're a potatoe incident

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The POV: You're a potatoe incident happened on a Lambat voice chat on the 29th June of 2021[1] and it involved Metriximor, Banyough and a single potatoe.

You're a potatoe incident
Date29 June 2021
 Lambat Mayor's office
Result Decisive Luso-Lambatan victory

Lambat Banyough

Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) Metriximor
Casualties and losses
Very high risk of asphyxiation from laughing too much Potatoe died


Lambat was hosting a regular voice chat (vc) session during the afternoon of 29 June 2021, and Banyough, Metriximor and Kloudei were having fun rotating chicken and beef.

Eventually the vc led to the three ending up in the Mayor's office of Lambat's town hall, where a potatoe from Metriximor's inventory was placed on an item frame, and thus the three of them started rotating it as well. After a misclick, Metriximor ended up on top of the potatoe. After quickly going to third person view, Metrix took the screenshot and posted it on #public-vc-chat in Lambat.

The entire sequence of events can be watched here.


After the image was posted, the entire vc burst out into several minutes long laughter. Multiple variations of the image were made by Banyough, Kaprediem and Commrade Potatoe.


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