Lazuli Tower 2.0

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Lazuli Tower 2.0 in New September on the day of completion
Lazuli Tower 2.0 from above, as seen from the 4G Tower
Lazuli Tower 2.0 lights up the skies of New September

Lazuli Tower 2.0 is the CivMC version of SamBonusG's Lazuli Tower from the CivClassics iteration. It is located in the New September district of Lambat. It's construction was completed in March of 2023, and it currently serves as SamBonusG's main residence. Unlike its predecessor's thirteen floors, this version only has ten. But what it lacks in extra floors, it makes up for in superior aesthetic design. The top of the tower consists of two pointed peaks connected by a row of sea lanterns. A blue beacon shines through the tip of each peak. Inside the tower is a fountain that falls through the center of the bottom 8 floors, to a pool in the lobby below. There are some floors where you can make the plummet down the fountain and land safely in the lobby's indoor pond. The tower also has an underground parking garage for horses.

Floors of Lazuli Tower 2.0

Floor 1: Main Lobby

The first floor serves as the main lobby. It is where the indoor pond that the tower's fountain pours into is located. Decorated in a blue color palette to represent the tower itself, it also contains a map of New September, a message board, a mailbox, welcome signs, and a framed photo of satellite imagery of a deadly weapon used by the Monarchists during the Lambatan Civil War known as "The Pinkening."

Floor 2: Museum

The second floor is used as a museum for SamBonusG's map art collection, containing pieces of art made by civvas from around the world.

Floor 3: Castle

The third floor has the aesthetic of a dungeon. It contains a few sculptures and gargoyles crafted by SamBonusG. It also serves as the garbage disposal floor, as it is the only floor in the building with a lava pool.

Floor 4: Greenhouse

The fourth floor serves as a green house for various flowers, moss, and mushrooms. On top of the water flowing through the center of the floor, there is another fountain that supplies water strictly to the life on this floor. A panda and fox also live here together in harmony.

Floor 5: Observatory

This is fifth floor acts as an observatory, and has three massive telescopes made of copper that are used to observe the night skies. A nameless astronomer lives in an office on this floor, and has dedicated his life to furthering Lambatan understanding of the stars.

Floor 6: Library

The sixth floor is SamBonusG's library. Here is where he keeps all the books he's collected on his travels, as well as his collection of found newfriend manuals. The floor has several reading desks and chairs for any interested bookworm to use.

Floor 7: Mob Jail

Entrance to Lazuli Tower 2.0, building still brand new as can be told by the unoxidized copper in the logo

The seventh floor is used as a prison for homicidal mobs. There are currently three prisoners there, a witch named Ez2Clutch, a vindicator named Vah, and Skeleton named Elixersz. The prisoners are each in their own cage, and are given a sink, bed, and toilet.

Floor 8: Honeymoon Suite

The eighth floor is the Honeymoon Suite. Made for lovers, it is decorated in pink and purple heart design, and has a cozy couch and fireplace, a king-size bed with an overhang, and a beautiful view of Lambat City from above. There are item frames on the doors by the elevators for hanging up socks, if you catch my drift.

Floor 9: Patio

The ninth floor opens up to the patio, and is the highest outdoor point you can reach on the tower. It opens up to a platform between the two massive spikes at the top of the tower, and has an oak tree growing right in the center with various flowers growing around it.

Floor 10: Penthouse

The tenth floor is the penthouse, which acts as SamBonusG's main residence to this day. This small room has his spawn bed, a few factories, some map art, and some flags.