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Lambat has hosted several political parties. All parties from CivClassic 2.0 were dissolved by the time of the server's closure in December 2021. Meanwhile, at least two one-person parties arose in CivMC as of December 2022.

Major parties

CivClassic 2.0

Citizens' Action Party (CAP)

The Citizens' Action Party was Lambat's largest political party. It supported pro-market and socially progressive policies while promoting national unity and Lambatan cultural heritage. CAP identified itself as a centrist or center-left party. On foreign policy, the CAP is fairly supportive of the World Police and leans towards international cooperation. In terms of domestic policy, CAP promoted pacifism and was generally opposed to military spending. At its peak, the party had 10 members.

It supported the Augustan Federation. The party also supported its membership in the CES, until November 2021 when the CAP-led government pushed to withdraw from the latter.

Two cadres of CAP became presidents of Lambat, namely Kaprediem and ArtificialDriver.

A successor to a little-known one-man party named the Lambat National Party (LNP), CAP was formed in May 2021 by President Kaprediem and dissolved in December of the same year under the leadership of Creepi0n.

Lambat Ascension Party (LAP)

The Lambat Ascension Party served as Lambat's second largest political party and de facto opposition. LAP shared many characteristics with CAP, both parties functioning as a coalition government. The party's main difference with CAP is its support for increasing spending for defense projects. The LAP supported both the AF and CES, with some of its members opposing Lambat's departure from the latter. It had 8 members at its peak.

CommradePotatoe was the Vice President of Lambat, the country's highest position ever assumed by a member of LAP.

CAP was formed around late August or early September 2021 by CommradePotatoe and Yodabird19 and assumed to be dissolved by the time of the server's closure.


International Infrastructure Party (IIP)

CivWiki Party (CWP)

Historical parties

Parties with two members or more

Commerce and Industry Party (CAI)

Established by InvertedMind during her run for presidency in August 2021. CAI members went on to form the LAP.

Lambat Workers' Rights Party (LWRP)

Formed by PinkGal2007 as a union of Artificial Enterprises workers who complained about alleged workplace violations. LWRP never contested in elections.

Lambat Nationalist Party (LNTP)

A nationalist party established by Ch1pr that never contested in elections.

One-man parties

Lambat National Party (LNP)

A one-man party formed by Kaprediem in January 2021.

Lambat Trolling Party (LTP)

A one-man party by Lambatan mayor Hills4Real, notable for being the only non-major party to hold an elected office.

Potatoe Party (PP)

The Potatoe Party was established by CommradePotatoe and is one of the many predecessors to the LAP.

Bawal Magbawal Party (BMP)

A joke party established by Metriximor in May 2021 to serve as nominal opposition against Kaprediem.