Kaprediem's Presidential Farewell Speech

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Kaprediem gave his **Presidential Farewell Speech** on August 31, 2021 on CivClassic, passing the presidency to ArtificialDriver.

The Speech

To our most distinguished Diplomats and Heads of State,
To the Kingdom of Lusitania,
To the representatives of the CES, AF, and other organizations that may be present in this podium,
To the ministers of the Government of Lambat,
To the Governor of Vesteria and Greater Duskwood,
To the Vice President, His Excellency ArtificialDriver,
A pleasant evening to all of you.

When we first settled in the plains of what would become Lambat, Banyough and I did not expect that this tiny city-state would grow into one of the most active nations in the region, if not the entire server. Our foray into nation-building was a difficult undertaking; it took weeks before we learned how to use snitches, factory mod, and several other server plug-ins. We were entangled in a hastily prepared alliance, which resulted in my brief hiatus that lasted for only one week.

I returned, along with Banyough, with a vow to keep Lambat isolated from foreign relations, instead focusing on internal growth and trade with its close neighbors. This peaceful interlude, however, was cut short by the events of the 23rd of February, otherwise known as the Sack of Lambat, memorialized in the plaza which we stand on today. Most if not all our infrastructure and wealth were pillaged. Immediately, we sought the help of various nations, some of which have lukewarm relations with one another, to capture two raiders and recover our stolen wealth.

Overnight, Lambat was marked on the map after a period of complete irrelevancy. Countries with different perspectives on foreign policy and security established relations with our nation. We took advantage of this situation by building networks from across the world. Our first ally and friend, Lusitania, continues to be a key partner in trade and cultural exchanges, up to this day. Close relations with people from nations such as Capeland, Cortesia del Mar, Mount September, Icenia, and perhaps others that I forgot to mention, helped Lambat to become a safe and successful country.

As months passed, Lambat grew even further. We are now a nation of around 30-60 people, each with their own meaningful contribution to Lambat’s development. The small, 8-chunks wide settlement has grown into a country spanning two quadrants. This was not the act of just one person, or two, but the collaborative effort of many people with enough time and skills to spare. I owe Lambat’s success to all Lambatans, past and present.

My decision to resign from my post was a hard one. I had considered waiting out to finish my second term before retiring, but real-life commitments as well as events involving allies and friends have left me exhausted. I will remain in Lambat and continue to help with its progress, under the administration of my successor.

Our Lambat is a unique case. A blend of various nationalities, both real ones and in-game. A melting pot of different ideologies, where pro-Weepee, anti-Weepee, and apolitical people can coexist without animosity. A bastion of freedom and democracy under the guidance of an ever-growing constitution and legal system.

Lambat as I leave it as its President into the quiet civilian life, like many things, it will eventually change. But there’s one thing I ask everyone to do, to those who are present and those who were unable to attend this simple ceremony: keep Lambat wholesome.

Good evening and thank you, everyone.