Great Lazuli Oceanic Bridge

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The Great Lazuli Oceanic Bridge towers above the sea level off the coast of Lambat.

The Great Lazuli Oceanic Bridge (GLOB) is a 650-block long arched bridge that connects Lambat and CivMarket across the Stony Sea, along the coordinate x2468. It was constructed by SamBonusG in December of 2022. The bridge is 7 blocks wide and makes traveling across an ocean on horseback possible. It was created as the first big project of the newly formed International Infrastructure Party, a Lambatan political party focused on making international travel simple and easy to figure out. The bridge is well-lit with sea lanterns across each arch, and is built from a design using lapis lazuli and stone. This design was chosen as a tribute to it's creator's livelihood in CivClassic, LazuliCorp.