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This article describes the foreign relations of the Republic of Lambat in CivClassic 2.0 and CivMC. Since its establishment in January 2021, Lambat has built ties with several nations.

Relationship by country


The Maritime Republic of Capeland was a close ally of Lambat in CivClassic 2.0. Both nations engaged in bilateral trade and infrastructure projects. Lambat has also provided intelligence and security assistance to Capeland, most notably during the Keuradeurva affair. Capeland would eventually merge with Lambat in CivMC, forming the Province of Chungia.

Cortesia del Mar

Lambat's has close ties to Cortesia del Mar, originating from the former's early days in CivClassics. Cortesia was chosen by Lambat to become its caretaker nation during the February 2021 one-week hiatus. Many Lambatans were also holders of dual-citizenship in Cortesia del Mar. While differences in political philosophy have influenced the conduct of the two nations' relationship, Lambat and Cortesia del Mar still maintain connections through cultural and economic diplomacy.

Gabon and Pavia


Icenia has played a strong part in the early development of Lambat in CivClassic 2.0, most notably in the aftermath of the Sack of Lambat. Several citizens of Icenia and its government provided material aid in order to assist Lambat's rebuilding efforts. Icenia later became a major informal ally of Lambat.


The Kingdom of Lusitania has official ties with Lambat since the signing of the Luso-Lambatan Friendship Treaty in February 2021. Both countries have entered into several diplomatic treaties and organizations, including the Augustan Federation and the informal Medi Sea Forum. Lambat and Lusitania are also connected by the L-Line (in CivClassic 2.0) and L-Line 2, both direct railways built by their respective governments.

Mount September

Organizations and alliances

Lyrean Community

Medi Sea Forum

List of Physical Embassies

Embassies in CivClassic 2.0
Nation Location Ambassador Established
Capeland Cape Cocoa None
Icenia Icenia City None May 2021
Mount September West Village None March 2021
Embassies in CivMC
Nation Location Ambassador Established
Lusitania Portucale AKJanklin
Mount Augusta Mount Augusta SamBonusG