1 November Imperial Federation Election

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Election Results Map

The 1 November Imperial Federation Election was the second election held in the Imperial Federation. Held between the first and second of November of 2022, it was held to elect the third Chancellor of the Imperial Federation.

The election was not overseen by King Cupar, due to a personal vacation, but the Deputy Chancellor Jmqn and a panel of randomly elected non-partisan citizens.

Voting was eligible to all citizens over a 48-hour period.

78 citizens were eligible to vote in this election, of which 57 voted, with a voter turnout of 73%. This makes it the largest election held in CivMC.

Party Candidate Portrait Home State 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
Independent S0uthw3st  Pridelands 19 votes (33%) 31 votes (54%)
Greatest Party Bstallio  Pridelands 21 votes (36%) 26 votes (46%)
Independent Pandastical Regentsburgh 17 votes (29%) (Eliminated)


All candidates in this election largely agreed on all policy. This resulted in the campaign primarily depending more on accomplishment than policy, with each candidate lauding their own achievements. All candidates were also Senators from the south of the nation.

A broad consensus in foreign policy was made, to keep the alliances and land gained during the prior administration, but to be less hawkish on the world stage. A particular focus was made on infrastructure and internal development. Roads and rails were promised by all candidates.

Pandastical campaigned on his 'Four Rs' campaign; Roads, Rails, Royalty, and Reliability. He promised infrastructure development like the others, as well as allowing the King more constitutional authority, acting as primary diplomat and foreign representative. Reliability referred to the hawkishness of the previous administration, which Pandastical had opposed. Ironically despite this, he had been given the endorsement by former-Chancellor JAW689. However, the lack of any major prior achievements resulted in him failing to proceed into the third round, and also failing to win his home province of Regentsburgh. After the election, Pandastical promised not to run again in the future elections due to percieved unpopularity.

Bstallio had been the only candidate registered in a political party. He had been involved in many infrastructure projects, as well as helping make Pride Rock into the city it is today. S0uthwest had been the Chief of Construction and a member of the Volunteer Construction & Mining Corp, the primary rail developer of the nation. This is a great factor in his eventual victory, coming out with a 10% margin of victory in the second road. The previous election had been decided in the second round with a 40% difference, showing the closeness of this election.