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Ghas' skin

Ghas__ is a citizen of Regensburg, Mayor of Avila, Nalora, and senator of Nalora. He has been a citizen of the Imperial Federation since May 30th, 2023. He is a builder in the nation and has worked on the Imperia Parliament Interior, and the entire town of Avila. His activity is pretty high, being on for 2.5 hours on average every week almost every day.

The Beginning

Ghas__ joined CivMC for the first time on May 30th, 2023 in Regentsburgh. He roamed around the town for a couple of minutes until the Emperor of the Imperial Federation, King_Cupar, gave him the usual tutorial for the mechanics of the server. He went on to become a citizen of Regensburg and create a house that was unfortified even though King_Cupar said to reinforce his house with stone💀 with a basic exterior and a dungeon like interior. This attracted some attention on the Imperial Federation discord as Ghas__ was offered to build the interior of the Parliament in Imperia on June 3rd, 2023.

Building Career

Ghas__ gladly accepted the offer. And a few days later, he began building the interior on the creative server, after 2 weeks of building, the parliament was completed. Currently the parliament interior has been put on pause as there isnt enough resources to build it.

On June 11th, 2023, CapianColton and Ghas__ started making plans to found a new state by the name of Nalora, after an hour of observing the land and procrastinating, Ghas__ decided to build his town on the very north part of Nalora, while CapianColton took the east coast of Nalora. In a few days, a creative server had been created, where CapianColton and Ghas__ would work on building the towns now known as Kodiak and Avila. In a few weeks, Avila had been entirely completed. Currently Ghas__ is working on building Avila in CivMC, if you pass by the town you can see Avila Hotel.

Citizenship Roles Projects Potato
Regensburg Builder Avila Potato
Avila Mayor Parliament Interior Potato
Unionist Party Potato

Ghas' Goals and Current Roles in the Imperial Federation

I wish to complete the town of Avila by the end of July, and introduce many job opportunities and a safe and peaceful place to live. I also wish for Avila to be a very active and friendly town with humble buisnesses, a welcoming place for newfriends and regular players, and a town where you can have many options for your career in the Imperial Federation and CivMC in general.

My current roles in the Imperial Federation are:

Professional Builder

Mayor of Avila

Council of Nalora

Citizen of Regensburg

Spruce log stock terrorist

TLDR: Ghas is a professional builder and Mayor of Avila, and likes to buy out entire stocks of spruce logs.