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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceFreeport, Pridelands
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerTheRealmsMC
Iterations played on
DiscordLeo Simensen#0178

S0uthw3st (also known as Leo Simensen or Leo of Freeport) is a mediumfriend who has been active on TheRealmsMC and CivMC.


S0uthw3st was active during the Spera iteration of TheRealmsMC as a member of the furry-led city of Salinas, located in the southern desert of the map. He served as the High Priest of Lux, and contributed to the construction of Salinas's docks and the large network of canals allowing the passage of boats across the continent.


On CivMC, s0uthw3st is a citizen of the Imperial Federation and Pridelands, and the third Chancellor of the Imperial Federation. He previously served as a Senator for the Pridelands within the IF Senate before ascending to the chancellorship, and also held the title of Chief of Construction. He currently holds the title of Steward of the Pride within the Pridelands alongside wilwithonel. He also constructed the island city of Freeport in the Lionsgate Archipelago, an exclave of the Pridelands located in the Southern Sea.

Current and Previous Ranks

 Imperial Federation

  • Chancellor
  • Chief of Construction
  • Senator, Pridelands


  • Steward of the Pride
  • Ruler of Freeport / Lionsgate Archipelago