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Zhirall's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Founding the state of Imperia
  • Buildfriend
Main ResidenceIcenia
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivMC
Iterations played onCivMC CivReign
City of Rivia, built by Zhirall

Zhirall, also known as Alexis, is a player who started playing in the Imperial Federation of CivMC in the state of Gotland, where he rapidly joined the government after promoting the development of the Capital City of Imperia and helping with legal matters in the Imperial Federation. He proposed and passed emergency constitutional amendments after King_cupar resigned from his role of king, allowing the government to continue functionning, and advised on the secession of the Pridelands. These initiatives allowed to be the General counsel of the Imperial Federation and Federal Prosecutor for the nation. He left shortly after to play in Pavia for a short bit, before taking a break.

During a short break on CivMC, he became an Archduke and co-founder of Laurentia on CivReign, before coming back to CivMC.

When he came back, he joined the Imperial Federation again where he quickly founded the state of Imperia on the now inactive capital city of the Imperial Federation along with former citizens of Laurentia, where he encouraged construction. After a conflict with former leadership of the Imperial Federation that left in the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis, he decided to join Rivia as the Union Head responsible for construction and architecture.[1]
Zhirall's work in the former capital of the IF, Imperia
Finally, he recently joined Icenia, where he knew a lot of players.
Factory built for the City of Rivia