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Blu9710's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceSurmadri
Civ Servers
Iterations played onCivMC

Blu9710 is a territorial leader of Sneg in the Imperial Federation and current leader of Walled City of Surmadri, a former state of the Imperial Federation after the Great Secession. She was previously a resident of Temporal Isle.

Early CivMC

Blu9710 joined CivMC on September 15th, 2022. She initially spawned somewhere in Estalia while also talking in CivMC's discord general channel, where she met PhysicsGamer. PhysicsGamer invited her to join the Temporal Isles, of which she made the journey north, passing by CaneCorp. Upon arriving in the Isles, she was given a brief tour before slipping off the large sky farms, known as The Slab. She spawned in the southern Icenia desert, and made her way north before finding cactus farms. Setting her bed, she continued north before reaching Icenia City, where she attempted to acquire some carrots. Blu9710 did not realize she was in the middle of a warzone, more specifically the Generic War. Rhode Island currently occupied Icenia City, and a Rhode Island fighter killed her during the period she was in the city initially. Respawning at the Icenian cactus farm, PhysicsGamer came and rescued her, and brought her back to the Temporal Isles, where she logged out for the night.

In the late afternoon on September 16th, Blu9710 invited friends Dr_Bacon_Hair and AsinX to play CivMC with her. Dr_Bacon_Hair still plays to this date.

Temporal Isles Period (September 15th 2022 - March 2023)