1 October 2022 Imperial Federation Election

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Election Results Map

The 1 October 2022 Imperial Federation Election was the first election to be held in the Imperial Federation between 1-2 October 2022 to elect a Chancellor to lead the nation.

The election was overseen by King_Cupar and a panel of randomly selected citizens who did not belong to a political party.

Voting was open to eligible active citizens of the Imperial Federation over a 48-hour time period.

51 active Imperial Federation citizens were eligible to vote in the election, of which 38 voted, with an overall turnout of 75%.

Party Candidate Portrait Home State 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
TESP JAW689 Vermont 24 votes (63%) 26 votes (70%)
Liberty Party Tr1ckyD1ckNixon Godhaven 11 votes (29%) 11 votes (30%)
Topher's Party CJTheking12345 (incumbent) Thoria 3 votes (8%) eliminated


The defining issue at the election was the Federation's policy on incorporating defunct states and territories in Deluvia.

• Incumbent Chancellor CJThekingman12345 supported more passive policies in relation to the IF's expansion and advocated developing lands already held by the Federation and mini-maxing production. He was widely criticized for making several u-turns during the election period on whether or not the IF should incorporate Myra and South Augusta into the Federation, and he was criticized by his opponents for blocking the Senate from incorporating these territories into the Imperial Federation, acting erratically during the election period and encouraging states to build infrastructure in the IF despite only visiting the IF twice during his tenure as Chancellor and developing no infrastructure himself.

• JAW689 advocated expanding the IF into defunct territories, allowing the senate to operate without the interference of the Chancellor and actively supporting states in the building of infrastructure.

• Tr1ckyD1ckNixon supported a middle-ground approach, trying to incorporate defunct states peacefully as much as possible unless negotiations rendered no result, and then there was a plausible case for expanding.

Election Posters

Senate composition

Composition of the Imperial Federation's Senate following the election.

Following the election, two senators declared themselves as members of the Egality and Sovereignty Party (TESP) and one senator declared themselves as a member of the Liberty Party.

The composition of the senate following the election is:

  • Independent: 8
  • The Egality & Sovereignty Party: 2
  • Liberty Party: 1