Kingdom of Southseasia

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The Kingdom of Southseasia, formerly known as the U.T.S.S. or United Tribes of the Southern Sea, is a nation on the CivMC server. Officially founded on July 28th 2022, the U.T.S.S. became the Kingdom of Southseasia on July 28th 2023 following a proclamation made by King Haya I (H4Y4ST4N)

Kingdom of Southseasia
Capital cityPort Capitola
SettlementsSan Pietro, Ma'Lete
CurrencySouthseasian Dollar
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LanguageEnglish, Italian, Armenian, Slavic Languages
National anthem"Forgotten Tribe" -

Military Intervention on the Island of Brunsvik

Map of the Kingdom of Southseasia

On July 18th, the National Guard of Southseasia launched a military operation codenamed "Fuck Around n Find Out" on the island of Brunsvik aimed at finding fugitive terrorist krclam, who had raided the U.T.S.S. on numerous occasions. The last straw was the obbybombing of the city of San Pietro in Novamythria. King Haya I gave an executive order to launch an immediate demilitarization and occupation of the island until krclam turns himself in or is pearled. On August 29th, Southseasia came to an agreement with the Papacy on joint administration of the island, with control being given to the Papacy.

Southseasia signed the Treaty of Avenio with the Papacy on August 6th, 2022. The treaty is a bilateral alliance between both nations in all fields.

Exit from the Imperial Federation

On August 1st, the Kingdom of Southseasia seceded from the Imperial Federation. The decision was made following multiple issues including federal refusal to grant Southseasia autonomous status, along with plans by some states to send Southseasia an ultimatum in response for its calls for autonomy. This information triggered a local vote which led to a decision to secede from the IF active immediately. The result of Southseasia’s secession bill was never posted publicly by then Chancellor King_Cupar. A few days after Southseasia's exit, the majority of other states left the federation in the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis after a false accusation on ComradeSankara by then Chancellor.

Formation of the Union of the South Sea

Shortly following Southseasia's exit from the Imperial Federation, Southseasia organized the formation of the Union of the South Sea, an organization made up of 5 independent nations in the greater South Sea region. Southseasia, Pride Isles, Grenada, Sumadri, and the Province of Hell.

Territories of the Kingdom of Southseasia




Southern Archipelago