Unionist Party

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Unionist Party
  • Centrism
  • Centralization
  • Democratization
  • Big Tent
  • Red
  • Blue

The Unionist Party was the predominant political party in Imperial Federation. It was a big-tent, centrist party which prioritizes centralization and democratization in the nation as well as an emphasis on supporting new players and recognising the contributions of active players.


Since beginning of the party, it saw a large number of recruitments as well as number of registered members in the party. Most notable members of the party were King_Cupar, HassDaManh, and Frostwarrior112 for their large contributions to the party and government. On the July of 2023, the party Chairman Frostwarrior112 would resign as the chairman of the party citing that the party does not follow same values as before. After SlothInASuit left the party discord abruptly, Frostwarrior112 thought SlothInASuit got kicked which it prompted him to leave the party discord as well.

After the Grenadian Secession of August 4th, 2023, the Unionist Party was abandoned after Imperia and Midgard seceded from the Imperial Federation. On August 8th, 2023, CapianColton declared Nalora no longer supporting the Unionist Party citing the party's hypocrisy.