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Zolo17 or Zolo is a player mostly known for being PM of Icarus and making XP.

Zolo as Carolus Rex
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Being President of Icarus
  • Spearheading Icarian State Co.
  • Xp Grinder
Main ResidenceBlue Cove
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivReign
Iterations played on



Zolo first found out about CivMC from the r/CivMC logo that players made on the R/Place Reddit event, although he joined the CivReign Beta first when it came out as CivMC had not started at that time.

CivReign (Beta)


Zolo joined Icarus on the CivReign Beta and mostly did mining and farming for a week until it closed.


Icarus (2nd Republic)

Northeast Quadrant

On CivMC at SOTW Zolo helped Grumpywalnut settle the old Icarian territory, now Cascadia.

After AbbyShapiro and TrustThePlan raided the old Icarian territory Grumpy and Zolo built the first bunker of Icarus.

Zolo participated in the first war of the server as a result of the raids on Icarus, The Western Jungle War.[1]

Northwest/Southwest Quadrant

After Icarus moved to the Western world border to be closer to allies and for better biome variety Zolo went inactive for about a month. He resigned as PM due to his inactivity.

Zolo started playing again helping with xp runs and digging the vault hole helping to get Icarus running again after a period of inactivity for Icarus in general. He also became PM of Icarus again.

He and SOGGYHOBO redesigned Blue Cove after demolishing it with others for a rework and nicer look.

Zolo participated in the Pavian Farley war and killed the MVP King Cupar winning the game for his team.

Zolo and fellow Icarian Sdorr participated in the Four Hour War.

Zolo managed to pearl Tomy789, one of the two raiders who twice raided Mercutio a newfriend nation neighbouring Icarus, after the disabling of their bunker built on Icarian land.