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Asgeir9's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Imperial Federation
  • Regensburg
Known For
  • Duke of Regensburg
  • Senator of Regensburg
Main ResidenceRegensburg, IF
Civ Servers
Iterations played on

Asgeir9 is a Civ player. Originally joining Civ as a citizen of The Roman Empire (TRE) on civrealms 2.0 is the leader of Regensburg, Imperial Federation, on CivMC and was a Margrave of Laurentia on CivReign. Joining CivMC on the 4th of december 2022 after seeing one of King_Cupars Imperial Federation recruitment ads on reddit, he came to settle and build his castle of Kronborg in Regensburg and served as a senator for the state between december 2022 and february 2023, as well as leader of the state during Cupars absence.