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The Imperial Federation
Location-2800, +7700
DemonymFederalist, Iffer
Capital cityImperia
National Colors
  Imperial Red
GovernmentFederal constitutional monarchy
Governing documentConstitution
• Monarch
King Jalhf I
• Chancellor
• Deputy Chancellor
• Senators
CapianColton (RP)

Ghas__ (RP)
SlothInASuit (RP)
smothyhoo (Independent)
Spaceman_Spleef (RP)

Tr1ckyD1ckNixon (Liberty Party)
Foundation date31 August 2022
Japanese (Joseon),
Romanian (Joseon),
Spanish (Grenada)
ReligionDark Sun (Anor Londo X), Reformed Shinto (Joseon and Gotland),
R'hollr (Regentsburgh),
Church of t (Irkhah)

The Imperial Federation, colloquially known as the IF, is a federation of states and territories on CivMC from Deluvia, Karydia, the Western Continent, and the Eastern Continent. It is a constitutional monarchy with free and fair elections held every six weeks. It was established as the successor of the Imperial Federation from Civ Realms 2.0.

The IF is the largest and most populous nation in the southwest quadrant of the world, the first or second most populous nation in the world and, as of 18 November 2022, the first or second most active country on CivMC.[1][2]


Cuparian Era

Conflict with Hyperborean Confederation

After the integration of Snowshire into the Hyperborean Confederation on August 29th 2022, R2D231 logged into CivMC only to find his house raided and his dog dead. Immediately he swore vengeance on the one who raided his house [3], but he didn't know who due to the lack of snitches on his premises. After telling SpacemanSpleef and getting advice, he set a snitch and bait chest in his house again. On the 30th, he logged in again to see the snitch had not worked and all his stuff stolen again. After exiting his house, he saw posts around the entirety of the two islands saying that the land was sovereign territory claimed by the "Imperial Federation", not to mention a Reddit post by someone named King_Cupar declaring the foundation of the Imperial Federation on R2's land. R2 told Spleef again and Spleef told him about the reddit posts. They both went around removing the signs and replacing them with Snowshirian ones. After finishing that, TheJMQN, leader of the S.E.C. proposed something to R2 and Cupar (who was not online at the time), where Cupar and the I.F. could move to the S.E.C., a much more desirable land than Snowshire. After pinging Cupar on Discord with the proposal, on the 31st he agreed to it. Tensions between the I.F. and Hyperborea began to fall at that moment as the one who raided R2's house, Jadex1, had his position in the I.F. removed and was exiled from the kingdom. As of the 5th of September, an alliance between Hyperborea, the Pridelands, and the I.F. has been created, and a rail line from Hyperborea to the I.F. is in the works.

Ratification of the constitution

Delegates meeting in Anor Londo to ratify the constitution of the Imperial Federation.

On 24 August 2022, delegates from Regentsburgh, Godhaven, Thoria, Anor Londo, Western Boundary and Pejite met to discuss and ratify the constitution of the Imperial Federation. This discussion resulted in the reinforcement of checks and balances within the Imperial Federation Constitution and confirmed the Dark Sun as the official religion of the IF and Topher as the Glorious and External Emperor, bless the IF.

All other Imperial Federation states ratified the constitution on 25 August 2022, bringing the document into effect from that date.

Admission of Myra into the Imperial Federation

On 2 October 2022, King_Cupar of the Imperial Federation signed a treaty with the President of the 2nd Icarian Republic to incorporate the Territory of Khione in the defunct state of Myra into the Imperial Federation under the administration of the 2nd Icarian Republic, with the remaining section of Myra under the full control of the IF.

1-2 October 2022 election

Election Results Map

The Imperial Federation held its inaugural federal elections between 1-2 October to elect a new Chancellor.

Incumbent Chancellor CJTheking12345 was defeated by JAW689 of the Egality & Sovereignty Party, who secured 24 votes out of 38, with a turnout of 75% of all active citizens.

Party Candidate Home State Portrait Ideology 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
Party for Egality and Sovereignty Colour.png TESP JAW689 Vermonters Flag.jpg Vermont JAW689.png • Expansionism
• Militarism
• State rights
24 votes (63%) 26 votes (70%)
Liberal Party Colour.png Liberty Party Tr1ckyD1ckNixon GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven Tr1ckyD1ckNixon.png • Neutrality
• State rights
11 votes (29%) 11 votes (30%)
Tophers Party Colour.png Topher's Party CJTheking12345 (incumbent) Flag of Thoria.jpg Thoria CJTheking12345.png • Isolationism
• Empowerment of the Chancellor
3 votes (8%)

The Thorian Crisis

Upon the loss of the 1 October 2022 election, there were allegations ofelection fraud against CJTheking12345, due to a lack of any houses built in Thoria, a necessity for citizenship and voting rights. A great many calls were made for action to be taken against him, and by extension Thoria, arguably resulting in the Anti-Thorian attitudes in the nation. Politicians expressing this view included then Chancellor, JAW689, as well as several Senators. JAW689 infamously paraphrased the words of George Wallace in saying, 'Thorian Oppression Today, Thorian Oppression Tomorrow, and Thorian oppression Forever' as well as calling Thorians 'different from you and I'.

First National Summit of the Imperial Federation
Desecration of Freeport

The culmination of this occurred on October 17th, 2022, when citizens of the Imperial Federation were gathered in a lighthouse in Freeport to discuss alterations to the constitution and other affairs facing the nation. Halfway through the nation, CJTheking12345 and another Thorian conducted a suicide bombing of the meeting, resulting in the killing of several, and the destruction of much of the lighthouse. It created a temporary pause in the meeting and use of unconstitutional but rapid action by the king to post a pearl-on-sight of CJTheking12345. Pandastical went and swept over Thoria, resulting in the Battle of the Two Fishing Huts, which involved him destroying two small Thorian lake huts and encountering no one. The conflict was eventually concluded with payment by ex-Thorian officials, and Thoria was turned into a federal district.

The JAW689 Chancellory

Under his administration, a number of achievements was made, both in foreign issues and domestically.

The nation was expanded into new territories. A western section of South Augusto, as well as all of the Sanjurjo exclave, was annexed into the nation and would become land under the Gotland province. Bot the land of Irkah and Kalengrad, territories outside the Deluvian continent, became provinces. The greatest piece of land gained was a result of the victory in the 'cold war' between the Imperial Federation and Deluvia's previously leading power, the Hyperborean Confederation. Upon the suspension of several democratic elements, the provinces of Esberg and Ostersund would secede, and unite into the Esberg-Ostersund Federation, which would join the Imperial Federation soon after. This effectively wiped out any opposition to Imperial dominance in the Deluvian landmass.

Domestically, a great deal was also achieved. Votes were held for the national anthem, location of the capitol district, and it's name. Planning for the previously mentioned capitol began as well. With the rising number of political parties, a bill made by Pandastical passed in the Senate and created standards for them. Infrastructure was created, both rails and ice roads, as well as a great overland road linking the nation together. Perhaps the greatest achievement of his administration was successful recruitment of new players, mostly newfriends, causing the nation's population to skyrocket. Going into the Second Election, JAW689 was expected to have an easy victory, before it was announced that he would not run again due to personal reasons.

1-2 November 2022 Election

Election Results Map

The Imperial Federation held its second federal elections from the 1st to the 2nd of November, 2022 to elect a new Chancellor.

The Incumbent Chancellor had chosen not to pursue a second term, so all the candidates were new. Three primary candidates ran, with the final victor being S0uthw3st of the Pridelands, winning in the second round with 31 votes out of 57. Voter turnout was 73%, and with 57 total votes, it was the biggest election in the history of CivMC at its time.

Party Candidate Home State Portrait Ideology 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
Independent (S0uthW3st) Colour.png Independent S0uthw3st  Pridelands S0uthW3st portrait.png • Infrastructure development
• Light expansionism
19 votes (33%) 31 votes (54%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Greatest Party Bstallio  Pridelands Bstallio portrait.png • Infrastructure development
• Anti-expansionism
21 votes (36%) 26 votes (46%)
Independent (Pandastical) Colour.png Independent Pandastical Province of Regentsburgh.jpg Regentsburgh Pandastical Portrait.png • Infrastructure development
• Anti-expansionism
• Empowerment of monarchy
17 votes (29%) (Eliminated)

The S0uthw3st Chancellery

Above all else, the S0uthw3st Chancellery is defined by continued focus on internal development. The rail lines were greatly expanded and developed, and practically the entire eastern portion of the nation became connected by road. The nation's population would also continue to boom, culminating in the December election featuring a hundred possible voters, compared to the previous' 78. While some players would begin to develop wealth, most would remain in a state of poverty, which would have an impact on the following election.

While his Chancellery was focused on internal development, it did feature foreign events. The Imperial military was tested against raiding attacks, as well as facing several war scares with it's enemies. Most importantly was the conflict with the Leibniz Confederation. Much like his predecessor's belligerence with the Hyperborean Confederation (a mutual aggression), S0uthw3st faced increasing problems with the Leibniz. More specifically with it's only (semi)-active citizen, Okx. The rising population of Lionsgate demanded more land for the booming newfriend population. Attempts to purchase nearby islands, owned by Leibniz, were either ignored or denied. Upon seeing that Okx was not an active player, S0uthw3st decided to take the islands anyways. A military force would be sent to secure the islands.

In retaliation Okx would lava-bomb the WIP capital, Imperia. A cat-and-mouse game would ensue, with Okx being chased, logging off, chased again; rinse and repeat. Eventually, it was decided that pearling him wouldn't be worth the effort. A sum total of around 120~ diamonds would be funded by S0uthw3st and future Chancellor (at the time, Senator) Spoonce, and the islands were purchased. The conflict would see a cooperation between Icarians, Imperials and Matland-ers to face Okx. However, it's outcome would not be popular amongst the general public, and contribute to S0uthw3st's loss in the next election.

1-2 December 2022 Election

1 December 2022 election results map.

Imperial Federation citizens elected a Chancellor and Judiciary between 00:00 GMT on 1 December 2022 and 23:59 GMT on 2 December 2022.

Incumbent Chancellor S0uthw3st was challenged by fellow Pridelands Senator and leader Bstallio; Gotland Senator Spoonce; Godhaven residents Artray1111 and AwdryFan1997; and Khione resident Zolo17, who is an Icarian national.

A debate was held between all candidates in Godhaven on 30 November 2022 at 23:30 GMT.

Key themes in the election included candidates' position on the future of the monarchy, infrastructure and development, recruitment and retention of new players, foreign policy and position on claiming new land.

  • Spoonce, Bstallio and AwdryFan1997 supported maintaining the monarch with his current rights and privileges.
  • S0uthw3st and Zolo17 supported retaining the monarchy in a much more limited capacity and vesting mower power into the office of the Chancellor.
  • Artray1111 was the only candidate to fully endorse a transition to a national republic.

Candidates in favour of retaining the monarchy with existing rights and privileges received 58% of First Preference Votes, while those in favour of depowering the monarchy took 29% of First Preference votes and pro-republican parties took 14% of the First Preference Votes.

Party Candidate Home State Portrait Ideology 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes 3rd Pref Votes 4th Pref Votes 5th Pref Votes
Independent (Spoonce).png Independent Spoonce IFGotlandSmall.PNG Gotland Spoonce portrait.png • Retain monarch with current powers
• Claim no more new land
• Adopt moderate foreign policy
• Build infrastructure and recruit
32 (44%) 34 (47%) 37 (51%) 46 (64%) 51 (73%)
The Unity Party Colour.png Unity Party zolo17 Khione.png Khione Zolo17 Portrait.png • Depower monarch
• Claim no more new land
• Extremely close alignment with Icarus
• Focus on XP production and infrastructure connections to Icarus
12 (16%) 12 (16%) 13 (18%) 15 (21%) 19 (27%)
Party for Egality and Sovereignty Colour.png Independent Artray11111 GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven Artray1997 portrait.png • Abolish monarchy
• Adopt isolationist foreign policy
• Fix Godhaven
• Destroy diamonds to make them rarer and more valuable
• Make the constitution longer so candidates have to spend more time reading it
10 (14%) 10 (14%) 11 (15%) 11 (15%)
Independent (S0uthW3st) Colour.png Independent S0uthw3st (Incumbent)  Pridelands S0uthW3st portrait.png • Depower monarch
• Claim South Augusta and no more land
• Send newfriends away from Godhaven to other states
• Build infrastructure
9 (12%) 9 (12%) 11 (15%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Greatest Party Bstallio  Pridelands Bstallio portrait.png • Retain monarch with current powers
• Claim no more new land
• Adopt moderate foreign policy
8 (11%) 8 (11%)
Independent (AwdryFan1997).png Independent Awdry1997 GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven Awdryfan1 portrait.png • Retain monarch with current powers
• Commit war profiteering where possible
• Let infrastructure develop itself
2 (3%)

The Spoonce Chancellery

Relating to his election platform, Spoonce quickly got to work further expanding and developing the rail network. His policy of paying players for their work would prove fruitful, and would motivate the playerbase to conduct work both in rail-development and building the capital. New progress was made on the WIP capital of Imperia, including the finished plans for the Imperial Mall, a planned shopping center for the nation.

While he ran specifically on a moderate foreign policy, without much ambition or goals besides preserving the status quo, the foreign measures undertaken by the IF would perhaps be the most fruitful of all. Spoonce, and the Chief of Military Staff JAW689, would set to reforming the military. Prior it was largely a mass of untrained volunteers with gear ranging from prot to iron. However, training requirements would be set into place, and more players would begin purchasing prot and other gear. This significantly shrunk the military, however, also turned it into a much more professional and efficient force. All of this would come in handy when the Imperial Federation entered to participate in the Four Hour War, in which five IF citizens would fight. The war is the Imperial Federation's greatest military success to date.

At the end of his Chancellery, Spoonce would decline running for a second turn, and thus set the stage for the New Years election.

31-2 January 2023 Election

1 January 2022 election results map.

For more information, see 31-2 January Imperial Federation Election.

The Imperial Federation held it's fourth federal election from the 31st of December 2022, to the 2nd of January 2023. With no incumbents, candidates would be Jahlf, S0uthw3st, wilwithonel and CoolChacha97. No debate could be organized in time; however, many questions were sent to and answered by the candidates. The election would create the Imperial Federation's greatest scandal to date, the Chacha-Slide Scandal. In the end, Jahlf would become the new Chancellor of the Imperial Federation.

On September 15, 2023, the Imperial Federation publicized a vote sheet of the fourth federal election as a part of the Freedom of Information Act. This makes the fourth federal election the largest election in Civ history with 84 voters total[4].

Party Candidate Home State Portrait Ideology 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
The Unity Party Colour.png Independent Jahlf GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven Jalhf portrait.png
  • Moderate Foreign Policy
  • Pro-Monarchy
  • Continued Recruitment & Infrastructure Development
38 Votes (46%) 43 Votes (52%)
Party for Egality and Sovereignty Colour.png Cult of Fen S0uthw3st  Pridelands S0uthW3st portrait.png
  • Possible Expansionism
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Fennec Fox Cult
25 Votes (30%) 27 Votes (33%)
Tophers Party Colour.png Independent Coolchacha97 GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven Coolchacha97 portrait.png
  • Military & XP Development
  • Vault Construction
  • Possible Belligerence
11 Votes (13%) 12 votes (14%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Greatest Party Wilwithonel  Pridelands Wilwithonel Portrait.png
  • Self Described 'Libertarian Monarchist'
9 votes (11%)

The Jalhf Chancellory

Jalhf's immediate priority upon coming into office was cleaning up the remnants of the Chacha-Slide Scandal. With the help of King_Cupar, he negotiated with k0mmi, Docker_Image and Icenian officials to settle things. The scandal was resolved there, however, threats of a new one did come up when CoolChacha97 became a Senator. Sure enough, he quickly said several inflammatory things regarding the nether. Jalhf helped implement a rule allowing the Senate to kick out a member with a 2/3 vote. CoolChacha97 would instead become an 'infrastructure advisor' due to his great works in advanced XP production. He would run in the February election.

During Jalhf's chancellory, the nation would begin producing advanced XP for itself, a promise made by several chancellors to this point. With the help of Chief-of-Staff BikMik, the military would also be re-organized, creating a 'military-support' role for non-geared citizens to join. These all helped the nation be more self-sufficient, which was becoming a rising concern as Pavia left its alliance with the Imperial Federation, while relationships with Icarus seemed to cool, and the two states became less close.

Chancellor Jalhf would also begin the de-claiming of it's unused land, wanting to diminish it's unnecessary size. This followed the actions of Pavia and Icarus. Near the tail end of his Chancellory, he would also kickstart a program of western development. Halland and Surmadri became states in his reign, as well as the re-organization of Myra. Development on the capital Imperia, however, stalled.

Jalfian Era

The most defining event of Jalhf's chancellorship was the abdication of longtime monarch King_Cupar. He cited burnout, and international attitudes towards newfriends, as the reason for his abdication. For his countless work in the IF, he was granted the status of Emperor by the Senate, and later canonized as the patron saint of the Imperial Federation. He would choose Jalhf as his successor, which was confirmed by the Senate. An amendment package proposed by the Imperial Federation general counsel was later passed by the Senate, to provide the nation with stable governance. Jalhf would be King and Chancellor for a period of ten days, ending right around the end of the next election.

At the same time as Cupar's abdication, the Pridelands announced that it would be leaving the Imperial Federation. The treaty welcoming them into the IF always held a provision allowing them to leave. Leader Bstallio explained that the Pridelands had initially joined to help the IF start up and develop, along with creating a community. Now that both were completed, the Pridelands decided it was time to leave. 'Prexit' would quickly become a defining topic in the political discourse, and would be the most passionate point of debate in the February Debate and election.

31-2 February 2023 Election

For more information, please see the 31-2 February Imperial Federation Election page.

The election would be held between the 31st of January, and the 2nd of February. Now being King, Jalhf chose not to contend the following election, leaving no incumbent. Five candidates participated; Bstallio, Pandastical, ComradeSankara, Zhirall and CoolChacha97. A debate as held on the 31st of February, two~ hours before polls opened. Of the candidates, only Bstallio did not participate. 54 citizens would vote in the end. ComradeSankara would end up becoming the new Chancellor of the Imperial Federation, with 61.5% of the vote.

Party Candidate Home State Portrait Ideology 1st Pref. Votes
Independent/Workers Party of Grenada ComradeSankara Grenada

Rational Prexit Negotiator

Domestic Development

Military Development

32 votes (59%)
Independent Pandastical Regentsburgh Hardline Anti-Prexit Platform

Re-establishing previous foreign alliances

Recruitment, Domestic Development & Declamation


12 Votes (22%)
Independent Bstallio Pridelands Amicable Prexit Negotiation 4 Votes (7%)
Independent Coolchacha97 Godhaven Military Development

Domestic Focus

Semi-Meme Candidate

4 Votes (7%)
United constitutionnal monarchist party (UCMP) Zhirall Gotland Centralization

Constitutional modifications Amicable Prexit negotiation

0 votes (0%)

Endorsed ComradeSankara and dropped out

The ComradeSankara Chancellory

After being elected at the beginning of the month of February, ComradeSankara served 3 consecutive terms as Chancellor (the longest term to date). The Imperial Federation saw a period of relative inactivity during the month of March as many players joined King_Cupar and Zhirall to play in the nation of Laurentia on CivReign until their return in April.

HassDaMahn Chancellorship

The United Constitution Party was formed by King_Cupar, Oakshelf, Blu, Frostwarrior, Zhirall and CapianColton to push for centralization and democratization reforms in the Imperial Federation in April and May 2023. It was created on the ideas of the UCMP (United constitutionnal monarchist party), initally founded by Frostwarrior and Zhirall for the february election.

8 out of 9 senators subsequently joined the party and they were supported by pro-reformist HassDaMahn in his campaign for Chancellor of the Imperial Federation. On 3 May 2023, HassDaMahn was elected as the Chancellor of the Imperial Federation with over 80% of the vote, signalling rising support for reform and democratization in the IF.

The reforms resulted in the establishment of a democratic parliament and centralization efforts in the Imperial Federation towards the states of Imperia and Midgard. The first Parliamentary election of the Imperial Federation held on 15 May 2023 yielded a landslide result for the pro-reform United Constitution Party who won 83% of first preference votes and 8 out of 9 Members of Parliament, with TheJmqn being elected as an independent MP. The United Constitution Party also achieved super-majority by having of 6 out of 9 Senators.

On 6 June 2023, the United Constitutional Party rebranded itself to the "Unionist Party". On the same date, the Imperial Federation announced its intention to co-host a Summer Olympic Games with Venne.

During HassDaMahn's premiership, large portions of unused land were declaimed by the Imperial Federation for new nations to use. CCTT became independent from the IF and later disbanded, while the Pridelands rejoined the nation and was reorganized into federal land. The Imperial Federation remained neutral during the 2023 Butternut–SEC Conflict and welcomed in war refugees as part of the Blue Cross program.

At the start of June 2023, SlothInASuit's resignation as a Member of Parliament triggered a by-election being fought by Aetherix of the Unionist Party who adopted a meme platform against TheRisenUndead and ThisPurple who stood as independents supporting similar centralization, militarization and unionist policies to the Unionist Party, with outsider candidates TheArgonite_ standing for the International Bezist Labor Coalition and TheGelatoh running as an Independent. Aetherix won the by-election with 48.5% of the vote on the first round and 62% of the vote on the fourth round, with Independent candidates collectively winning 42.4% of first round votes and the International Bezit Labor Coalition candidate winning 9.1% of the vote.

King_Cupar Chancellorship

On 27 June 2023, the following Members of Parliament were elected:

Party Candidate Home State Portrait 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes 3rd Pref Votes 4th Pref Votes 5th Pref Votes
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party King_Cupar Capital District Flag.png Imperia King Cupar head.png 17 (55%)
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party Zhirall Capital District Flag.png Imperia Zhirall.png 4 (13%)
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party Dcruzyx Flag of Midgard.jpg Midgard Dcruzyx head.png 2 (6%) 13.5 (44%)
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party Aetherix Capital District Flag.png Imperia Aetherix head.png 2 (6%) 2 (6%) 9.2 (30%)
Independent (AwdryFan1997).png Independent TheJmqn GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven Thejmqnhead.png 3 (9%) 3.8 (12%) 4.9 (16%)
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party Blu9710 Surmadri.png Surmadri Bluhead.png 0 (0%) 0.7 (2%) 1.3 (4%) 6.3 (20%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Imperial Accelerationist Party Argonite Surmadri.png Surmadri Argonitehead.png 3 (9%) 3 (9%) 3.6 (12%) 3.9 (13%) 4.1 (13%)
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party TheRisenUndead Flag of Midgard.jpg Midgard TheRisenUndeadHead.png 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0.3 (1%) 2.0 (6%)
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party Korvenov Vermonters Flag.jpg Vermont Korvenovhead.png 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0.5 (2%) 0.9 (3%)

King_Cupar was elected as Chancellor of the Imperial Federation following the election with the backing of Unionist Party MPs.

Cupar's first act as Chancellor was to pearl fellow MP Zhirall. Following the first meeting of the nation's Parliament, Cupar and Potato_Duke led an assault of thirteen citizens to bomb Thoria as revenge for the bombing of Freeport Lighthouse in November 2022.

A few days later Cupar attempted to install SlothInASuit as King of the Imperial Federation in a failed coup d'état which led to the brief pearling of King_Cupar, Jalhf and TrueToneMatters and independence calls from states and territories across the nation, before Jalhf was restored as King and order restored.

A national by-election was held between 7-8 July 2022 following the suspension of Argonite as an MP due to his failure to disclose or end his involvement in the governance of Truidencia.

TheRisenUndead of the Unionist Party successfully won the election with 61% of votes cast, with the newly formed Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition winning 26% of the vote and independent candidates securing 12%.

Support for the UP was strongest in Imperia, Midgard and outlying states and territories, whilst the Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition won majority support in Surmadri, Meriecta and Godhaven.

Party Candidate Home State Portrait 1st Pref Votes
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party TheRisenUndead Flag of Midgard.jpg Midgard TheRisenUndeadHead.png 21 (62%)
Independent (AwdryFan1997).png Independent Potato_Duke Image 2023-05-13 195458745.png UTSS Potato duke head.png 3 (9%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition Smothyhoo Fr.png Meriecta Smothyhoo head.png 3 (9%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition Argonite Surmadri.png Surmadri Argonitehead.png 2 (6%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition Crazyman559 Flag of Midgard.jpg Midgard Crazyman559 head.png 2 (6%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition TomatoeChips Flag of Midgard.jpg Midgard TomatoeChips head.png 2 (6%)
Independent (AwdryFan1997).png Independent Spaceman_Spleef HallandFlag.png Halland Spaceman Spleef head.png 1 (3%)

On 9 July 2023, the Pride Isles became independent from the Imperial Federation.

On 12 July 2023, Blu9710 pearled MrCooCooMan, the leader of Thoria for raiding in the IF state of UTSS.

A by-election held on 27 July 2023 saw the Unionist Party remain the largest party in the nation despite a low turnout:

Party Candidate Home State Portrait 1st Pref Votes
Unionist Party colour.png Unionist Party Ghas_ Flag of Nalora.jpg Nalora 11 (69%)
Greatest Party Colour.png Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition Argonite Surmadri.png Surmadri Argonitehead.png 2 (12.5%)
Independent (AwdryFan1997).png Independent SlothInASuit Flag of Anor Londo X.png Anor Londo X 2 (12.5%)
Independent (AwdryFan1997).png Independent TrueToneMatters Flag of Midgard.jpg Midgard 1 (6.25%)
Coup d'etat attempt

On 27 July 2023, the leader of Anor Londo X was pearled by Defence Minister Dcruzyx following the unravelling of a coup d'etat attempt headed by SlothInASuit against the democratically elected government of the Imperial Federation.

Imperial Federation Secession Crisis
A constitutional crisis caused by a variety of factors resulted in the states of CCTT, Pride Isle, Grenada, Surmadri, and North Africa seceding from the Imperial Federation.

12-15 August 2023 Election

For more information, please see the 12-15 August Imperial Federation Election page.

Following the Secession Crisis resulted in multiple government members resigned from their positions and multiple states seceded after the accusation of Grenadian Leader Sankara. The direct election for Chancellor would be held for the first time since May 2023, five candidates participated: immediateDescent, Potato_Duke, Tr1ckyD1ckNixon, Spaceman_Spleef, and OnceDoceTrece. A debate would be held a day before polls opened. ImmediateDescent would end up becoming the new Chancellor of the Imperial Federation.

The ImmediateDescent Chancellory

In a wake of the secession crisis, first move as the Chancellor was to revert the constitution back to the original constitution prior to the May 2023, the month when the Imperial Federation adopted second constitution. The Joseon Dispute would continue throughout the ImmediateDescent's term. It also saw the readmission of Esberg and Anor Londo X (also Slothistan) back to the Imperial Federation as a state, some of the former IF states are considering to readmit back in the Imperial Federation. Several IF states including Nalora and Hallands saw the rise in the population which that have significantly boosted activity throughout the nation, making the Imperial Federation one of the most active nation in Deluvia continent since the secession crisis.

Regentsburgh Situation

Regentsburgh population were frustrated with the Founder of Regentsburgh King_Cupar's decision on the independence of Regentsburgh and tried to find a reason to justify independence but to no avail. The current Regentsburgh leader Asgeir alongside with the residents expressed their desires (also Asgeir gave blessing to the Federal Government to readmit Regentsburgh back in the Imperial Federation) to rejoin the Imperial Federation and re-unify with the IF State of Regentsburgh. It eventually rejoined the IF and reunited rest of the state of Regentsburgh.

New Capital Construction
After the loss of the Imperia State to Asgard, CapianColton sought to build a new capital from ground with a different theme, name, and location. Colton chose a abandoned military district stated:
This land for our New Capital is much more strategic and perfectly closer to - even central location of - the most populous area on the Deluvia continent. We will rebuild, we will make a big comeback, glory to the IF!
The New Capital construction would be headed by CapianColton and spearheaded in the blueprint planning, location for each buildings, name for the capital city, and even railroad network. It is said that the new capital will be much more complete and faster to build than Imperia due to the design and choice of materials. First two buildings would be completed within two days after creation of new schematics and more will be built in the coming days.
Slow Expansion of the Imperial Federation

After a major setback caused by the secession crisis, the IF managed to gain few new lands such as Waterside and Halland's expansion. Nalora became the most populated and active state in the IF, surpassed Godhaven and Regentsburgh combined. The military of the Imperial Federation, also known as the Federal Army, is being rebuild. It is rumored that the Federal Army is consisted of mostly Nalorans due to the Nalora's martial traditions.



Following democratic reforms implemented in May 2023, the Parliament of the Imperial Federation is elected using the Single Transferable Vote proportional voting system, while one Senator is appointed from qualifying states which have at least 3 active citizens. Territories of the nation are allowed to appoint Senators to observe and contribute to the Senate without a vote.

Since the reforms, the politics of the nation have been dominated by the centrist pro-democracy and pro-centralizing Unionist Party which currently holds a supermajority in the Parliament, with 5 out of 7 Members of Parliament and 6 out of 10 Senators. Independent politicians represent 1 out of 7 Members of Parliament and 3 out of 10 state-appointed senators, with the right-wing Liberty Party's Tr1ckyD1ckNixon being the senator for Godhaven and the Workers' Party of Grenada existing without representation.

Party Emblem Party Date of foundation Political position Ideology Chancellor candidate Parliament Senate Membership Previous Election Vote Share
Unionist Party.png Unionist Party
  • UP
2023 Centre Centralization
Big Tent
King Cupar.png King_Cupar
6 / 7
6 / 12
20 81%
IF Independent.png Independent N/A Unaligned Unaligned TheJmqn.png TheJmqn
1 / 7
4 / 12
N/A 7%
Democrat-Accelerationist Coalition
0 / 7
1 / 12
N/A 15%
Liberty Party logo.png Liberty Party 2022 Right to far-right Anti-Thorianism
Tr1ckyd1cknixon.png Tr1ckyD1ckNixon
0 / 7
1 / 12
3 0%
WPGFLAG.png Workers' Party of Grenada
  • WPG
2022 Far-left Communism
Comradesankara.png ComradeSankara
0 / 7
0 / 12
2 0%

Foreign Affairs

Current Allies

On 22 May 2023, the IF signed a treaty of mutual defense with Don Fuer known as the Frostlands Treaty. On 24 July 2023, the IF entered the B.U.I.L.D. alliance with Mount Augusta and Fempire Union, later expanded to Arsenia and New Jersey.

Former Allies

The Imperial Federation were allied to the neighboring nations of Pridelands, Hyperborean Confederation and Venne as part of the Meridiem Compact from 16 September 2022 until their withdrawal from the alliance alongside the Pridelands on 23 December 2022, a nation which joined the Imperial Federation.

The IF also maintained an alliance with Pavia and Venne as part of the Four Continent Concordat from 15 October 2022 until Pavia's departure from the alliance on 20 January 2023.

The Imperial Federation had a bilateral defensive alliance with the Arsenio Pact from 12 April 2023 until the dissolution of the Arsenio Pact at the conclusion of the Buttsecs War on 29 June 2023.


The IF maintains amicable relations with the neighboring nations of Akawija, Venne, Icarus (now part of Icenia), and Mercutio, while relations with Otonabee and the Leibniz Confederation have been strained. The IF has mixed relations with Thoria following a long-running dispute after members of Thoria bombed a lighthouse in Freeport in November 2022, a claims dispute in July 2023 and Thorian leader MrCooCooman conducted minor raiding in the IF for which he was pearled on 12 July 2023.

Since August 2023, the relations between the IF and Thoria has improved significantly after the secession crisis. Several of other nations including the Kingdom of Southseasia and some former IF states like Grenada and Surmadri also improved relations with the IF and working toward to a close partnership between the IF and former IF states through the Union of the South Sea alliance.

States and Territories of the Imperial Federation


Flag Name Activity level Date of admission Senator
Province of Regentsburgh.jpg Province of Regentsburgh Medium 31 August 2022 CapianColton (Restorationist Party)
GodhavenFlag.png Duchy of Godhaven Low 31 August 2022 Tr1ckyD1ckNixon (Liberty Party)
Vermonters Flag.jpg Vermont (Exclave) Medium 25 September 2022 Korvenov (UP)
HallandFlag.png Halland Medium 27 June 2023 ImmediateDescent (Restorationist Party)
Fr.png Meriecta Medium 29 June 2023 smothyhoo (Independent)
Flag of Nalora.jpg Nalora Medium 15 June 2023 Ghas__ (Restorationist Party)
EsbergFlag.jpg Esberg-Ostersund Low 23 October 2022 Frostwarrior112 (Independent)


Flag Name Activity level Date of admission Delegate
Flag of Anor Londo X.png Holy See of Anor Londo X Low 11 September 2022 Joelthatroll (Independent)
JoseonFlag.png Joseon Low 18 September 2022 Czivas (UP)


Flag Name Type Date of admission Date of dissolution Reason of defunct
Thorian Flag1.png Thoria State 31 August 2022 19 October 2022 Dissolved and turned into Federal District 4 after the Thorian Crisis
Flag of Waterside.jpg Waterside State 11 September 2022 5 February 2023 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into the Federal Lands.
Flag of Petije.png Pejite Territory 14 September 2022 15 January 2023 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into the Federal Lands.

Later replaced with Nalora as a new state on 15 June, 2023.

Flag of United Donkiboure.png United Donkiboure State 18 September 2022 15 January 2023 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into the Federal Lands.
Flag of Christophia.jpg Christopia Territory 18 September 2022 15 January 2023 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into the Federal Lands.
PRWB-flag.png Western Boundary State/Territory 18 September 2022 7 May 2023 Renamed to Joseon alongside with the new flag.
CCTTflag.png CCTT State 18 September 2022 14 May 2023 Left the Imperial Federation, dissolved a week after the departure.
Flag of Pridelands.jpg Pridelands State 19 September 2022 13 June 2023 Left the Imperial Federation on 15 February, 2023.

Rejoined Imperial Federation on 12 May, 2023 as a state.

Became as a national park on 14 May, 2023.

Declaimed completely on 13 June 2023.

StrosMkaiFlag.png Stros M'Kai State 1 October 2022 30 November 2022 Dissolved due to the inactivity.
Flag of Myra.jpg Myra Territory 2 October 2022 29 March 2023 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into Imperia State.
Khione.png Khione State/Territory 2 October 2022 6 June 2023 Released from the Imperial Federation to rejoin Icarus.
Free City of Lovira.png Lovira Territory 3 October 2022 15 November 2022 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into the Federal Lands.
Flag of Irkhah.png Irkhah Territory 12 October 2022 25 May 2023 Annexed by North Africa.
Kalengrad.png Kalengrad Territory 23 October 2022 25 May 2023 Partially declaimed.
Oakleeflag.png Oaklee State/Territory 9 December 2022 15 March 2023 Dissolved due to the inactivity and absorbed into the Federal Lands.
Flag of Comanche.png Comanche State/Territory 30 May 2023 27 June 2023 Dissolved due to the entire population of Comanche state left to join Midgard.

Absorbed into the Federal Lands, later absorbed into Nalora.

Flag of Freeport.png Freeport State/Territory 19 June 2023 19 July 2023 Left the Imperial Federation.
Image 2023-05-13 195458745.png United Tribes of the Southern Sea State 10 May 2023 1 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation.
Cat Island.png FELINE State/Territory 11 September 2022 2 August 2023 Absorbed into Nalora as a duchy.
WPGFLAG.png Democratic Peoples' Republic of Grenada State/Territory 10 September 2022 4 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation.
Capital District Flag.png Imperia State 28 October 2022 4 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation to form Asgard with Midgard.
Flag of Midgard.jpg Republic of Midgard State 21 March 2023 4 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation to form Asgard with Imperia.
Surmadri.png Walled City of Surmadri State 7 January 2023 4 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation.
IFGotlandSmall.PNG Realm of Gotland State/Territory 25 September 2022 5 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation and annexed by Rivia.
Flag of North Africa.png Grand Duchy of North Africa State 13 March 2023 5 August 2023 Left the Imperial Federation and rejoined Commonwealth.



Imperial Federation rail network.

Rail Network

The Imperial Federation's rail network connects internally to the following /dest commands:

IF Deluvian mainland:

  • /dest AnorLondoX
  • /dest Ostersund
  • /dest Aethia
  • /dest Godhaven
  • /dest Imperia - Imperial capital
  • /dest PrideRock
  • /dest Regentsburgh
  • /dest Joannesberg
  • /dest Surmadri
  • /dest Esberg
  • /dest Vanaheim

IF terriotories in the Southern Sea:

  • /dest Freeport
  • /dest Grenada

IF terriotories outside of Deluvia:

  • /dest ! -,+ IF Deluvia Karydia Kilahijo - Western Boundary
  • /dest ! -,+ Founders Petergrad - North Africa

Additionally, it connects to Nara (Through PrideRock), Venne, Icarus (Through PyramidPlaza) and Novo Sanjurjo.

National Highway

The Imperial Federation's road network connects to Regentsburgh, Pride Rock, Godhaven, FELINE and Ostersund, with plans to expand the main road to Anor Londo X and Imperia.