Lowland Hundred

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Lowland Hundred
LocationEntranan Continent
GovernmentHermit Kingdom
Foundation dateSome number of weeks after CivClassic opened

The Lowland Hundred were a wealthy one-man hermit nation situated in present-day southern Cortesia Del Mar. The nation, despite its limited impact on history or geopolitics, is notable as the first settlement in the area they inhabited, which would go on to host a large number of other nations. The nation's leader and sole member was Aimuari.


The history of the Lowland Hundred is poorly kept, as the nation was small and remote, and existed very early on in its server's lifetime; no serious attempt at documenting its history was made until over three years after its death, by which point even the nation's remaining contemporaries could provide little or no information. As a result, Hundred history relies heavily on a single account, that of Aimuari themselves. No dates are exact.


The name "Lowland Hundred" comes from the game "Puzzle Pirates" (from which the name Aimuari also comes), and was first introduced to CivClassic in March 2017 (three months before the opening of the server) via a recruitment post aimed at starting a nation by that name. This project was never realized, however, as on the release of CivClassic, Aimuari joined up with a band of players intending to settle the Nexus region, led by ComradeNick. However, this settlement was very quickly (within days) torn apart by member Saren's betrayal, leading Aimuari and some others to flee the collapsing group, forming the settlement of Stalag in the central ++. Only a few days later, Aimuari left Stalag (and took a hiatus from CivClassic as a whole) due to lack of enjoyment. On their return, they found the Stalag area abandoned and bombed-out by its abandoners, and re-settled it alone, re-using the name "Lowland Hundred".

Lowland Hundred

The Lowland Hundred skyfarm

The Lowland Hundred lasted until Winter 2017-2018 (northern hemisphere), and over the course of this time the one-man nation became extraordinarily wealthy for its size and time period. The nation constructed vast infrastructure over the savanna biome that served as its main focus, including a sugarcane farm visible at max zoom on [ccmap.github.io ccmap.github.io], and, most conspicuously, a floating beetroot/potato farm which still stands, largely unharmed, to this day. Aimuari claims to have possessed, at the nation's height, a double-chest of compacted obsidian (229376 obsidian). The nation made an establishment of itself in the area, forming diplomatic relations with two nearby groups, constructing networks of underground infrastructure (of which little remains usable today), beginning what would later become known as the Entranan Transcontinental Express, and evicting an unwanted newfriend settlement nearby.

A tentative map of the region

The Lowland Hundred kept relations with two nearby groups: Akai, and an unidentified set of inhabitants of the island to its south. Neither were particularly eventful or impactful relationships, but the islanders to the nation's south were said to have split the cost of a shared bastion factory together with the Hundred. After their departure from the area, Aimuari never returned.


At some point in late 2017 or early 2018, for reasons as yet unknown, Aimuari decided to abandon the Lowland Hundred. Upon doing so, they evacuated or destroyed all of their material wealth in the nation, and transferred all national groups to shtim of Entrana, who moved in shortly after the Hundred moved out. Aimuari elected to join the Holy Jaded Empire, using the Lowland Hundred's remaining wealth to aid in the construction of the Empire's Best Western vault. With the destruction of this vault came the final spiritual fall of the Lowland Hundred, not only on account of the deconstruction of the vault, but the destruction of the last known remaining authentic Lowland Hundred banner in the Holy Jaded Empire's Hall of Flags.