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AKJanklin is a Lambatan-Lusitan player on CivMC who was responsible for the founding of Capeland on CivClassic and subsequently the influx of users from ScratchCiv. They currently hold the position of Public Works Minister in Lambat since June 12th, 2022.

On CivClassic, AKJanklin used the name "operationguyMCS" as it was the name of their account back when they joined in 2019.


Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Founding Cape Cocoa
  • The Brewing City of Kapreborough
  • The District of Katipan
  • Eating stone for breakfast
  • Building neat things
Main ResidenceKatipan, Lambat City
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish (barely)
Former Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic
Iterations played on


AKJanklin (then operationguyMCS) joined CivClassic 2.0 mid-May 2019. They first spawned in at Wayrest but quickly moved to Aurum which soon became a part of Varkonia that October. There they built an abbey and learned the ropes of CivClassic's complex plugins. They decided to go on a worldwide expedition and made it to many countries in each quadrant (despite the Infinity War being in full swing at the time), notably Verda, Gensokyo, Columbia, and Mount Augusta. Unfortunately, AK's travels were cut short by death due to fall damage somewhere in eastern Yoahtl. From then, AK would take a year-long hiatus from CivClassic to work on a civ-inspired server named ScratchCiv.


With the end of ScratchCiv came AK's return to CivClassic, this time silently leaving Aurum (assuming the place had fallen inactive) to start a new nation alongside their friend Eloctrasyd. The two chose the dark-oak cliffs as their home, and thus Cape Cocoa was formed.

Cape Cocoa would later become Capeland, as their population grew from scratch users (from and not from ScratchCiv) who took interest in CivClassic. Notably, the players who ran Chungia in ScratchCiv would join to form a new province in former Carpathian territory.

In the latter years of CivClassic, AK gained citizenship in Lambat and slowly grew more distant from Cocoian and general politics, with the exception where they were part of a CES-supported effort to drive Ohio out of Chungian territory. Otherwise AK would start their new life in Lambat, settling a would-be city in the eastern panhandle known as Kapreborough.

AK would become Vice President of Lambat on November 23rd, 2021. However, they became inactive in Lambat following the fall of CivClassic up until the days before the opening of CivMC.


AK gained citizenship in banyough's CivRedemption country, Baguiough, briefly before it was dissolved and planned to become a county in Lusitania, where they would then gain Lusitan citizenship. Right before CivMC started, however, they rejoined Lambat and since the settlement of L-City (then Pioneer Village) has worked for countless hours working on public infrastructure, helping the city become what it is to this date.

Notable building/infrastructure projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Lambat City Gold Line (and all its stations)
  • Lambat City Red/Green/Grey Lines (and all their stations)*
  • Lambat City Hockey Staduim
  • University of Lambat
  • Lambat City Cathedral
  • Route 4

*Tunnels were dug out by other Lambatan citizens, notably kaprediem, Orhint, and Magnileve

Their positions of leadership changed as Lambat slowly developed over the months, from being Public Works Minister to having a seat in the City Council.

During the Generic War, AK's main contribution was to, on behalf of the Lambatan Government, deliver supplies in secret to neighboring Pavia.

During the Speedy Coup, AK traveled to Gensokyo and was pearled by Meat312 whilst afk. This is the first and only time AK has been pearled any time on any Civ server.


AK participated in the Lambatan Civil War, where he took the side of the Monarchists (banyough-loyalists). After aiding the first murder and causing the second murder of kaprediem, he traveled alongside banyough, MoonDemon19015, and Orhint to place frogs in Lambat, MTA, CDM, Danzilona, and Truidencia. They were also responsible for the deployment of tanks/artillery in Poblacion and Heavensroost during this time.

They did not seek re-election for council in the second Lambat City Metro Council Election, ie. they returned to their position as Minister of Public Works and Transportation by the end of February.

Activity on the server phased in and out, with much of AK's time spent on CivMC doing either building projects for Lambat City or contributing to global projects; notably taking pictures for OneDest stations.

To be continued..


Server Record

Country Title Begin End Description
Classics 2.0
 Capeland Prime Minister of Capeland March 1, 2021 c. August 2021 Leader of Capeland, oversaw affairs in Cape Cocoa and New Midway (Chungia)
 Lambat Vice President of Lambat (CivClassic 2.0) November 23, 2021 December 14, 2021 (Classics 2.0) Vice President of Lambat working alongside president Kaprediem
 Lambat Public Works Minister of Lambat (CivMC) June 12, 2022 Dec 19, 2022 (CivMC) Responsible for building of public infrastructure in Lambat City
 Lambat Councilor of Lambat City (CivMC), rep. Katipan Dec 19, 2022 Feb 22, 2023 (CivMC) Represent a facet of the city and pass bills to better Lambat City
 Lambat Public Works Minister of Lambat (CivMC) Feb 22, 2023 (current occupation) (CivMC) Responsible for building of public infrastructure in Lambat City
Country City/Town Specific Address (if applicable) Begin End
Classics 2.0
 Varkonia Aurum Op's Abbey c. May 2019 March 1, 2021
 Capeland Cape Cocoa Town Hall March 1, 2021 c. August 2021
 Lambat Lambat City House in Lambat de Viejo c. August 2021 c. October 2021
 Lambat Kapreborough Kboro Brewery c. October 2021 December 14, 2021 (EOTW Classics)
 Lambat Lambat City The Pioneer Inn, B&B June 4, 2022 July 18, 2022
 Lambat Lambat City Katipan Brewery July 18, 2022 current main residence
 Lusitania Provence Station House August 28, 2022 current second residence

Fun AK Facts

  • The phrase "ae" originated from AK typing this often in various chats
  • Their favorite color is #E30048
  • AK is non-binary
  • Their favorite block is currently between copper tiles and dark prismarine