Matriarchy of Kaga

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Matriarchy of Kaga
Location4888, 6666
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityKaga
SettlementsKaga (at 4888, 6666), ? (cross town) (at 4551 6363)
National Colors
Governing documentThey had a constitution, but it's not posted on Reddit anywhere. (Note: I last remember seeing a link to a google doc of it on a sign somewhere in their land back in 2018)
Foundation dateJuly 7th, 2018
Succeeded byAdina, Caledonia
LanguageEnglish, German[1]

The Matriarchy of Kaga was a nation in the +,+ that was founded on July 7th of 2018, by Arebs. It's existence was announced on the subreddit on July 16th, where it was warmly welcomed by leaders from other nations in the +,+.[1] They claimed the island of Kaga and some smaller islands south of it.[2] It likely ceased to exist sometime before October of 2018, as it was not confirmed to be active on the October 2018 Nation Confirmation.[3]