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Location1835 4200
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityHydrius
Foundation dateJuly 5th, 2017

Hydrius was a state that existed in the shallow +,+ off the coast of what is now Yoahtlian Odresh.[1] It was announced on the subreddit on July 5th, 2017 by u/BlueDude35,[2] who had previously stated their intentions to found an ocean-based state on June 24th of the same year.[3] By July 16th, they had 3 citizens, a train station, and new claims on some nearby islands due to farming being impossible in the ocean.[4] On July 30th, u/BlueDude35 noted that Boatmurdered was infringing on the claims of an unknown city-state that Hydrius was allied to.[5]

It is unknown what happened to Hydrius, but it probably disappeared due to inactivity.