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Amelorate's current minecraft skin
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Amelorate is an admin on Civ+ and the most active developer.

During the first iteration of Civ+, titled Civ, Amelorate did not participate in the development or moderation of the server. He simply played the server, aiming to create the nation Wasteland Upon Mothraki. When he decided to join the admin team of Civ, he ascended and left his material possessions to Reiko.


On CivClassics, Amelorate played almost exclusively on the alts Oniii_Chan and Oniii_San.


Amelorate was an Icenian judge, and for a significant time served as Grand Judge. Amelorate also operated ICENIA MAPS and icenia books[sic], and also rented out several properties for private housing and shops. Amelorate also expanded the ratways under Icenia.


Amelorate was the main designer and maintainer of the KANI.

Workbench Theft

Amelorate, throughout the entire history of Civclassics, stole significant numbers of workbenches around from towns and cities across the map, being pearled for the activity multiple times and spawning as many as five international incidents. Many of these stolen workbenches were put on display in the Icenia Workbench Warehouse, which featured two locations -- one in the Rail Authority building upper floor and the other in floor four of the Chungus & Coomer building.


Amelorate developed a network of rooftop parkour courses across Icenia.

Map Art

Amelorate was the builder of multiple map arts on Civclassics using a unique light blue background canvas. He also rented out access to the IceniaBlue map art canvas to Artienia.


For a time, there was no UDF-associated PvP server running a civclassics-like config. Amelorate hosted a pvp server on his website, The server ran a copy of Imperial City and a world download of Bloom. It also featured a lobby where players were given creative mode and an unmoderated build area of 100x100. Although a player once built a cute house, towards the end of the server the lobby resembled a bombed-out hole to bedrock.

United States Of America

During civclassics SOTW and lexington war, Amelorate was a member of Poortea's United States of America. He was eventually violently ousted from the nation and permapearled by poortea for stirring up too much international drama by stealing workbenches in Commonwealth.


Devoted 2.0

Amelorate played in Agora and later Trader's Cove and ran a bank, losing many hundreds of diamonds in the process. Later during the pirate war near the end of the server, Amelorate fought as part of the Half Pint Vault against The Pirates. As a newfriend, Amelorate made multiple failed attempts to start nations and cities. Examples include Finland which was to be located upon the hell islands in the southwest of the map, and a slum-town on the worldborder sea north of Half Pint that was named after a supercontinent Pangea, as a reference to the vault-city Parker tried to create named Pangea.



Amelorate wrote a chat bot for public use in Python named DevotedBot. This was enabled by an experimental rule during Devoted 2.0 allowing bots that don't interact with the world in any way, and by an alt account donated by doughy-goods. The bot could be used to get music recommendations, say cat facts in global chat, add newfriends to global chat, and roll the dice/magic 8 ball. Late in the server's lifespan when it was expected to end any day, Amelorate used DevotedBot as an alt account for attemtping to raid the Pirate's vault.

Half Pint

Amelorate was invited to Half Pint after nearly being pearled by BlackXNT, a member of the Pirates. There, they spent a great deal of time AFKing in the skybunker and nether portal. This led to the prevention of a vault attack, and the pearling of PSN Gamer.

Diriment's Vault

Amelorate gained membership on Diriment's vault, built to the west of Half Pint. When Amelorate pearled Poortea because of annoyances, he used his skills at Bowflight to quickly transport the pearl to the vault, where Poortea was released following negotiations with Half Pint's owners.

Devoted 3.0

The skin Amelorate used when in Uguu

During the starting months of the server, Amelorate played in Uguu as Vice Commander until Uguu lost to Veritas, and then proceeded to take a brief break until Devoted 3.0 EOTW.