Geographical Regions

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CivClassic is split into four quadrants whose names are based on their geographical coordinates.

Some players have also named specific landmasses, seas and regions based on cultural significance to their nations.


The four quadrants

Since the map is a circle centered at 0,0 it is convenient to split it in four quadrants:

  • -,- or Northwestern quadrant
  • +,- or Northeastern quadrant
  • -,+ or Southwestern quadrant
  • +,+ or Southeastern quadrant

The + and - signs refer to the sign of the coordinates in each quadrant: for example, the X,Z coordinates -123,4567 would be in the -,+ quadrant.

While this method does not work well for places close to 0,0 or the horizontal/vertical axes, it is easy to understand and has been in use for years.


Similar to the Hemispheres of Earth, Semicircles can be used to refer to two adjacent quadrants combined. For example, the Western Semicircle refers to the -,- and -,+ quadrants.

Geographical Areas

-,- quadrant

Medi Sea

The Medi Sea is a body of water that borders Lusitania, Atlantis, Varkonia, Gabon, SPQR, and the now defunct Tungsten, Grand Imperium, Namhan, Highrock, Leuven and Tierra de Conciencia.

The Council of the Medi Sea oversees, organizes and maintains the area around the Medi Sea as well as its cultural inheritance.

Map of the Medi Sea

-,+ qudrant

Greater Mount Augusta

The region of Greater Mount Augusta is a region that includes the territory previously held by Mount Augusta and land connected to it. The region includes Mount September, The CSA, South Augusta, Sealand, Wesbury, and a part of Albion, as well as some unclaimed land.

Map of Greater Mount Augusta as of early 2021