New Providence

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New Providence as viewed from New Providence Harbor, 7/22/2020

New Providence was a city located in the Ainahou Continent of CivRealms 2.0, founded on 7/18/2020. It is principally located at -27500, +4850. New Providence was part of a larger, eponymous colony of Varathia, and was founded by Bronnakus. The central theme of the city was Solarpunk, blending the natural lushness of the landscape with the sustainable architecture of the buildings.


The city had a permanent population of five, plus an additional five residents who worked and traded in the city without living within it.


The city of New Providence was a regional economic hub, with strong industries. The economic pillars were the trading of ores, experience, lumber, horses, banners, and charcoal. The city's economy was aided by a strong foundation in factories and farms, as well as an abundance of land-clearing to make room for buildings.

Architecture and Cityscape

New Providence, one week after founding

The city was built in the solarpunk style, with high density in mind as well as strong urban planning. The city was very vertical, with vines on many of the buildings for easy upward access and roaming of the city. There were five major regions of development within the city, those being the Port, where a great deal of the economic activity occurred; the Neighborhood, where homes were built; the Government Center, from which the city was administrated; the Fort, an obsidian bunker on the north coast from which the city was defended; and the Farm, a birch forest in which the city's crops were grown.


Prawny Island on the day it was founded

The city was founded on July 18, 2020, the day the expansion continent of Ainahou was released. Varathian merchants and settlers, including Bronnakus, WNS2, UristMcRilo, and SyndicateNA, were intent on settling colonies in Ainahou to expand Varathia's holdings, increase its wealth, and bring glory to the legacy of the nation. The effort was led by Bronnakus, in cooperation with the Imperial Federation. Varathia and the Imperial Federation remain allies today. Prior to release, Varathia participated in the Berlin Conference, carving out and then defending its crayon claims in all their waxy glory against all comers. The crayons were melted on the release of Ainahou, when WNS2 first reached the shores of New Providence, followed shortly by Bronnakus and Emperor Logiche, who was aiding in the expansion of his nation. Immediately, the trio set to work building the city of New Providence. Emperor Logiche bastioned the New Providence claim, WNS2 built the New Providence Fort, and Bronnakus began construction of the harbor and first buildings of New Providence. Quickly, the city attracted new settlers, and the city is now in a period of rapid expansion. Otonabee's Prawny331 settled the Prawny Isle and began construction of an extremely fertile farm. Varathian Treasurer Greenkoala7 created the first experience exchange in Ainahou. Bronnakus built a newfriend hotel, a factory, the government center, and connected the entire city by roads. Soon, settlers and businesspeople were attracted to the city, impressed by the unique architecture and quick development.