BSR-Duckapore conflict

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BSR-Duckapore conflict
Date18 January 2021
Result Active
Duckapore Flag.png Duckapore BSR Flag.png Borealian Socialist Republic
Commanders and leaders

Duckapore Flag.png heyduckhi
Duckapore Flag.png xXEmoGirlPvPXx
Duckapore Flag.png 2VX
Duckapore Flag.png Antea4204

Duckapore Flag.png 1drop

BSR Flag.png kfr123
BSR Flag.png SchachclubEv
BSR Flag.png arthirob

BSR Flag.png firstwestern


Due to older reason, tension have been omnipresent between Duckaporean and BSR residents.


First attack

At 2AM PST, Rhodium main building is broken into by heyduckhi and xXEmoGirlPvPXx. The damage are discovered at 6AM PST by kfr123, which is then rejoigned by arthirob for further damage inspection. Stables have been obby bombed, Rhodium bunker griefed.

Second attack

At 11:40AM PST, heyduckhi and xXEmoGirlPvPXx enters the main building without breaking anything. kfr123 warn them to leave. After not leaving, kfr123 kill them both. After getting killed, xXEmoGirlPvPXx declares "im gonna fucking nuke BSR now". SchachclubEv logs in after to defend the city.

Third attack

At 12:40PM PST, 2VX, Antea4204 and 1drop enter the main building and manage to kill and pearl both kfr123 and SchachclubEv inside the factory. arthirob gets killed and pearled a few hundred blocks to the south after trying to escape. At 1:05PM PST, newfriend firstwestern got pearled as well while he was just in the conflict zone and not PVP geared.


Negotations between the BSR and Duckapore took several days. There were facilitated by Norlund, and Prawny then joined them. A treaty named Resolution of Saint Helena[1] ended up by the BSR moving to the New world. Both party leaders agreed to stop talking to each others.


The reporter wiseoldllamaman wrote an article rapidly after the incident. According to the comment, belligerent declares that part of what is written is a lie.