Carbon (CivRealms 2.0)

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The Carbon Hegemon
Flag of Carbon
Capital CityCrystal Cove
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
King's HandConvoy
King's CouncilLordDeathShadow, Convoy, Lingyin
Upper AdministrationLordDeathShadow, *Ponycau, Mokuno, *Slushhi, *Havok245, Ryumast3r, Lingyin, *Truckiboi, thatfellow,
VassalsAgotep (Ponycau), Valhalla (Havok245), Alesia (Slushhi),

Map of Carbon

Stylized Map of Carbon


Carbon was originally a city founded during the first iteration of Civcraft. On Civrealms, Carbon sprung up on the launch of the server, settling in isolation on the island to the far northeast to becoming one of the dominant nations. Overtime Carbon has not only become an industrial powerhouse but also an Empire with many vassals with fingers in many different productions in many far off lands. In addition, Carbon maintains the largest vault on the server in the far north named Heaven and more in other locations.

Civcraft 1.0 History

Carbon is one of the oldest surviving nations. In 1.0 Carbon was founded as a Medieval themed city. It was a prospering nation however near the end of 1.0 internal drama and unrest caused many to leave. Although NubSlash the last active Carbonite made it sure Carbon survived onto the next map in 2.0

Civcraft 2.0 History

Carbon dramatically changed in 2.0 adopting a modern look. Owning up to its name the main

Civcraft 3.0 History