Imperial Federation Civil War

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Imperial Federation Civil War

The city of Callisto, the heart of the conflict.
Date12 August- 16 August 2020

First Phase

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Second Phase

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First Phase

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Second Phase

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Far Seas Alliance

Commanders and leaders

Jacob Grox




The Imperial Federation Civil War was a conflict fought on CivRealms 2.0 in the New World primarily between the Imperial Federation (IF) Loyalist government and IF rebels supported by Norlund. At the time of intervention, The Imperial Federation was a loose federation of states only tied together by an unstable national senate. Three of the eight IF senators rebelled against the government in order to create a stronger unitary government. Norlund was promised farming land by these senators and supported their efforts, declaring war on the Imperial Federation. Norlund and the IF rebels took control of the government after attacking the nation and proceeded to establish the puppet government of Raindrop. After four days of fighting, the IF government overthrew the puppet government and took back control of the country, forcing Norlund and the coup members out of the New World.

The war caused the IF to be reformed with numerous government changes to prevent such a coup from occurring again. However, these changes were extremely unpopular among the IF states of Godhaven, Cococabanna, and Fortuna, and all of them declared independence. Norlund also became unstable after the war and underwent a constitutional crisis.


Norlund's First Colonial Attempt

Prior to the war, the IF and Norlund had been on poor terms due to a number of incidents. Relations first started to deteriorate during the Berlin Conference, where the borders of the New World were drawn up before the release date. The IF hosted this conference but Norlund failed to show up on time to make their claims. They blamed the IF for not notifying them of the event on time. Norlund decided to settle in the area now known as Fortuna, directly south of the IF. They were the only nation to not purchase "claim protection" from the powerful mercenary nation of Blackwater, and others wishing to take their land took advantage of this. ComradeNick, a CivCraft oldfriend who wished to establish a "retirement home" in the New World, hired Blackwater to kick out the Norlish settlers and give the land to him. At the same time, the nation of Yggdrasil invaded Norlund on the main continent and the Norlish settlers were forced to return home to fight the war on the mainland. The next day, ComradeNick asked for his lands to be annexed by the IF as the state of Fortuna. Norlund strongly objected to this move and saw it as the IF stealing their land, but Fortuna was annexed anyways.

Part of the Treaty of Kingsluund that ceded land from SPQR to Norlund. Note the unclaimed land between the forest and ice sections that would lead to The War of the Isles.

Norlund's Second Colonial Attempt

See also: The War of the Isles

After the war between Northern War between Norlund and Yggdrasil ended, Norlund (led by Prime Minister Groxlord) was determined to set up another New World colony. Luckily for Norlund, the nation of SPQR decided to cede its claims in the New World to Norlund in exchange for farming rights in the Treaty of Kingsluund. The IF did not approve of this transfer and sent troops to occupy the land being ceded, but they were eventually forced to withdraw the troops and acknowledge the land transfer. Norlund then sent about ten pioneers to settle this land. They wanted to create a New World city in the northern forested region of the ceded land and they quickly realized they needed the unclaimed land to the south of the forest section to build the city. They decided to claim this land. However, they discovered that a small native tribe known as The Isles were living in this land. The Isles had set up traps in the heavily forested area and the small colonial force proved unable to conquer the tribe led by InfinityXerox. Norlund sent over more fights but were still unable to capture the land and the Minister of Defense Zamoradin was pearled. Norlund was forced to allow The Isles to remain as an independent nation between their two claims.

Trouble in the IF Senate

The Imperial Federation at this time was a loose confederation of states only bound together by one national body: the Senate. The most important states of the IF at this time were Godhaven, Callisto, Boria, Threlkeld, Fortuna, Cococabanna, New Agral, and Arlington, Burgamere, and Jeanux. Each state had its own diverse culture and was pushing its own interests. The most important issue at the time was the power of the federal government. Broadly speaking, the states of Callisto, Burgamere, Jeanux, and Arlington supported increasing the power of the federal government. The states of Godhaven, Boria, Threlkeld, and Cococabanna were against increasing the power of the federal government, and the other states were neutral. Even though membership of the IF Senate was supposed to be proportional to population, the Senate currently was unrepresentative because the census to determine Senate membership was rushed before settlers from poorer states like Godhaven had arrived in the new world. The Senate had three members from Callisto (gordona22, MemeNeme, and cdlinder), two from Godhaven (Thejmqn and 1drop), one from Boria (coocooman), one from Fortuna (ComradeNick), and one Burgamere (Onederful), and one from Jeanux (Dama). Once all settlers had arrived in the New World, citizens from Anti-Federalist states outnumbered citizens from Federalist states 2 to 1, but were outnumbered in the Senate 6-2. 1drop proved to go against his state's wishes and mostly voted for the federal government and ComradeNick proved to care little about what happened, leaving only Thejmqn and coocooman to represent Anti-Federalists. This chaotic senate would prove to be troublesome later.

Leadup to the War and Reasons for the War

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