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New Sol, sometimes Newsol, was the capital of Cortesia Del Mar on CivClassic.

New Sol
The flag of Cortesia Del Mar, New Sol's nation.
LocationSouthern Cortesia Del Mar
GovernmentSubnational Commonwealth
• Mayor
Foundation dateDecember 9 2020


New Sol seen through the window of a building on its outskirts
The heart of New Sol
The skyline of New Sol


New Sol was established by EngineeringBean on December 9 2020 in an extremely small independent claim south of Entrana. Shortly thereafter, on December 21 2020, members of Cortesia Del Mar, a nation which EngineeringBean had previously encountered in 2019 on the server StarLegacy, arrived at New Sol with EngineeringBean's permission. The two agreed to merge, and on January 2 2021, Cortesia Del Mar established a claim which enveloped New Sol.

New Sol when it was only three months old

New Sol expanded into the newly available Cortesian land slowly, as the city's vertical design concentrated development upward rather than outward. The first major Newsolian building, the Blackstone Tower (pictured right, incomplete and distinctly lacking in blackstone), was completed in March 2021; the second, the Lattice Tower, the following August. In this time EngineeringBean was the only Cortesian working consistently on New Sol, as other Cortesians focused on the capital city of Ventura.
Due to the neglected, decaying, and uninvigorating nature of Ventura, New Sol was declared the Cortesian capital on September 3 2021[1]. Shortly thereafter, a Gabon Corporation branch opened in the Lattice tower. New Sol was threatened with obbybombing on December 25 2021, which did not come to pass due to CivClassic's EOTW on December 18.