Cartesian Holdings

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Cartesian Holdings
Holding Company
  • Real estate
  • Investment
  • Consulting
Headquarters Mount September
  • Property Management
  • Investment Management
  • Banking (Incomplete)
  • Policy Analysis
  • Consulting
Historical Data
Established in2019

Cartesian Holdings is a holding company created by Thraldrek in 2019. The multinational organization holds and maintains property and resources in multiple nations on the CivClassic server. The company has also seen activity in the CivRealms 2.0 sever, but has now since shuttered those operations. Currently known companies owned and operated under Cartesian Holdings are: Thrain Industries, Thrain Lumber & Mining Co., Cartesian Exploration Group, though more may exist. The company is currently still active as of January 2021, and is planning an increase in activity coming in February.

Cartesian Holdings now operates and owns property in Mount September, Mount Augusta (now defunct & under Mount September & South Augusta control), The Commonwealth, South Augusta and Nro'meagh. It is expected that the company will expand further in 2021 to more active nations as its subsidiaries expand their own capacities and activities.


The creation of this holding company became necessary in late 2019 under the direction and leadership of Thraldrek. Still a relatively new player at the time, Thraldrek saw it necessary to centralize all of the companies being run by them. The original headquarters of Cartesian Holdings was in the southern tip of Mount Augusta (now South Augusta). The headquarters, now empty, can still be seen today beside the port Thraldrek dug.