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Dual Tsardom of
Coat of Arms
National Colors
GovernmentDual monarchy with Confederation aspects
Governing documentConstitution of Pol'sha-Litva[1]
• Tsar of Pol'sha
• Tsar of Litva
Flags I
LanguageEnglish, Polish, Russian
IdeologyMonarchist Confederalism with aspects of Theocracy
Motto"Za wolność naszą i waszą!"
MascotPolish Eagle

The Dual Tsardom of Pol'sha-Litva, or simply Pol'sha-Litva, was a confederation-like nation led by a dual monarchy on CivRev 3. Pol'sha-Litva was directly inspired by the real world nation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


Pol'sha-Litva originally settled on the server CivReign in a mesa dominated portion of the Eastern Continent with plans for Pol'sha and Lutsk to settled there and for Litva to settle in the West, eventually connecting by underground railroad. However with many frustrations regarding the plugins and grindiness of the server also coinciding with the Okx and Doom Weaver Raids, the Rada agreed to move to the semi-related server CivRev3 instead, to which they settled within the borders of real world Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus.


The government of Pol'sha-Litva worked as a dual monarchy with the two heads of state being the respective Tsars or Tsarinas of Pol'sha and Litva. The state was solely composed of the Rada, or also known as the Council of Delegates. Each province represented within the kingdom's borders received representation through one selected Delegate in the Rada. The only exception to this was the provinces of Pol'sha and Litva which received representation through their respective Tsars or Tsarinas.

Hall of Monarchs

Tsars of Pol'sha
Name Reign Family Potrait
LIQUID STEREO I February 6th, 2023 - Present Stereo
Tsars of Litva
Name Reign Family Potrait
Wojtek I February 6th, 2023 - February 27th, 2023 Iosif
FE Flags I February 27th, 2023 - Present Flags