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The Republic of Minsk was a nation located in the former lands of Sovia that quietly seceded from occupation by Icarus on June 6th, 2023.

Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityKarima Media Center
SettlementsKarima Media Center, Serbia, Red Rocks
National Colors
Foundation dateJune 6th, 2023
Preceded byIcarus, Neo Sovia, Sovia (CivMC)
ReligionOrthodox Christianity



In late March of 2023, discussions took place between former Adina and Sovia members about returning to Civ and creating a new buildfriend nation in the -,-. After a consensus was made on what exactly everyone wanted out of the nation, it's identity was forged over the course of a month and a half with reluctant help from Icarus, who had currently been holding the former Sovian land after LIQUIDSTEREO had ceded the land to them in late December of 2022. After basic necessities were set up for ItsSnail and Tukidoki on behalf of then Prime Minister of Icarus CredixYt, work began on breathing life back into the land since the very beginning of the server. Not long after breaking into the civ sphere once more, Minsk as an entity within Icarus pressured the government to jointly annex the by then inactive nation of Great Thrall Clan with the neighboring nation of Mercutio. After an agreement was made internally, Great Thrall was split firmly between Mercutio and Minsk. The same day of it's annexation, Snail and Liquid scouted the area and began working on grouping up Great Thrall's capital while also discussing future plans for the area.

Secession From Icarus & Buttsecs War

Imma be real cheif this is the worst possible time to do smth like this — Dr Bacon Hair

On June 4th, both heads of the Icarian government Zolo17 and Jaimiemie were pearled by Ez2Clutch thus starting the Butternut–SEC Conflict. Almost immediately most members of Minsk were concerned about getting involved in the war, as multiple members had decent relations with those in Butternut. Fueled by a reluctance to fight someone so close to their borders and seeing an opportunity to become independent without causing too much havoc as both leaders of Icarus were now pearled, Liquid announced Minsk would be seceding from Icarus and becoming a neutral party on June 6th. However, to avoid making a scene, the secession was kept behind closed doors and put on the table for further negotiations if needed between Minsk and Icarus. However, after encouragement from Yodabird19, Tuki helped organize a fighting squad of Minsk fighters to help SEC in their war in return for recognition as an independent state. Soon after this squad was organized, both Liquid and Snail geared themselves with junk prot found in the Icarus vault and then headed towards Icenia's bunker Whole Foods. Liquid would arrive and log off while Snail stayed temporarily in Minsk, but soon after logging, things would go incredibly south only days afterwards. The day after, ItsSnail was banned without reason, leaving Minsk without a vital government official. Soon after, Tuki and Yoda would enlist help from SkrrtCobain and Haxx0r at Whole Foods, but Cobain was pearled by Icenia after they decided they didn't trust him due to past grievances from CivClassic. Later that day, Haxx0r would inside Whole Foods and let Butternut take it over, creating a turning point in the war in favor of Butternut. Shocked and confused, the council in Minsk decided it would be best to remove Haxx0r from the nation and its groups. For the next week and half, Minsk had become completely abandoned with its player base pearled, banned, or logged out in a sieged Whole Foods. However, on June 28th, a group of newfriends insided Arsenio Pact's vault Reluctance and released Cobain from it in the process. On the same day, Liquid would log on once again expecting confrontation, however ended up just simply walking out of Whole Foods unopposed, retreating to Vexia along with Cobain briefly.


The following day, the war ended and SEC had officially lost. With this, Icarus was dissolved as a nation state and given occupation to Mercutio, along with their official recognition of Minsk as a nation. The next month was primarily spent building up the nation to legitimize the claims of the Minskian government, which was still internally debating on how to properly structure itself. Many talks were made about possibly introducing Tukidoki as a monarch and restructuring into a constitutional kingdom and eventually converting to Catholicism in an attempt to establish ties with the Catholic Church which at that point had become a force to be reckoned with in the quadrant. At the time, an alliance between Minsk and Thoria was established as well and ended up nearly being enacted during Thoria's involvement in the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis. Meanwhile back at home, Super Bill Clinton Funland Adventure Island began to pick up significantly in activity after Liquid invited his former friends from Dbugingrad on CivRealms 2.0 to join him on the island. After much development over the course of July including the establishment of plots for businesses in the Dbugingrad suburbs and the starting of a mega build replica of Mir Castle in real life Belarus, it seemed that maybe Minsk had a real shot at becoming a consistent power in the quadrant. However on July 31st, the last active member of the Minskian government LIQUIDSTEREO was banned for breaking association rules by becoming a moderator for CivMinimal. After this incident, much debate was held over what to do next as due to miscommunication, it was misunderstood that Tuki, who had not been banned yet but hadn't logged on in over a month, was still bust in real life and thus couldn't assume the role of head of state. By the time this error was cleared, it was already too late as Dbug113 had been given complete ownership of the lands. His first act was to dissolve Minsk and revive Sovia on August 6th.

Cities & Landmarks

Karima Media Center

Official city logo of Karima Media Center

Karima Media Center, or simply Karima, is the capital of Minsk and serves as the headquarters for the government. It is currently undergoing renovations and remodeling after it's change in name and image from it's previous identity known as Sovia City. The city is located at the center of an isolated landmass right off the coast of Karydia officially known as Super Bill Clinton Funland Adventure Island.


Dbugingrad is the economic heart of Minsk, bustling with activity and life. It is ran solely by player Dbug113, but sports many nice builds and friendly citizens who reside within the ever growing suburb of Karima Media Center.


Serbia is a city located in the south-western portion of the nation and was originally built by the Great Thrall Clan but was annexed into Minsk after their inactivity became apparent. The city is situated in the savannah and makes use of primarily acacia for it's tribal-styled builds.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is a city situated within a massive naturally generated mesa canyon and is partially inspired by the Mesa Verde National Park in real life and the ancient cities built within the cliffs that can be found there. It is located in the mainland right next to the Bay of Pigs.