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CommradePotatoe is an entrepreneur, commissioner, and magistrate in CivClassics. He holds six citizenships in Icenia, Lambat, Lusitania, Capeland, Sussex, Pacem, and Vesteria. He is the owner and founder of Commrade Potatoe's Dye Shop, and since May 2021, he serves as the Chief Justice of the Lambatan Supreme Court. Most of his time in Lambat, as of now, has been spent setting up and helping rail networks like the LBCL, Pacem Line, Lambat Surface Rail inside of Lambat as well as satirically abusing his power. CommradePotatoe claims to have acquired Banyough as a slave, despite slavery being against the Lambatan constitution. Potatoe is friends with Banyough, Nebula, Kaprediem and Ch1pr.

He was once mistakenly identified as a leader of a crime syndicate, due to a similar username with another user.

According to the Lambatan Constitution, he is third in the Presidential line of succession.

Commrade Potatoe
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Lambat
Ch1pR EmpireSussex
Known ForOwner of multiple dye shops
Chief Judge of Lambat
Main ResidencePotatoeHouse, Lambat
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
Favorite Music GenreThe Lambat National Anthem
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic
Iterations played onCivClassic
DiscordCommrade Potato(e)#4719

He has gone onto found the territory of Vesteria, which he plans to make into "Lambat's Vacation town".